A Masterpiece to be Enjoyed by All!

By thesilentcat4
Written November 16, 2012
Lincoln, through its previews, gives off an inspiring, yet serious tone to the movie. That is what you get with this, and MUCH MUCH more. I dont want to give anything away with this film, other than that it was greatly done and it will bring out some emotion in you in some way or another. The acting was great, and that should be a no-brainer considering the cast. I seriously recommend all teenagers and adults to see this movie! It will be a great learning and enjoyable experience for all! GREAT MOVIE, GO SEE IT!!
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Did you hear the one about.....

By Meriweather
Written November 19, 2012
If you do not learn the lessons of the past, you are doomed to repeat the mistakes. Understanding how Lincoln achieved transfigurative politics is absolutely critical for our nation and our politicians. If only we could learn from this great man! Here is a shining opportunity. If you see nothing else this year, see Lincoln and apply what you see to your world. It may transform our nation, even these many years after his death.
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DDL Once Again Nails It

By johnkeats
Written November 11, 2012
First, I should disclose that I am in love with Daniel Day-Lewis. So, this review might be a tad skewed. OMG, DDL is once again beautifully masterful. I would write more about how much I love watching him do everything, but you may get bored. This story about the 13th Amendment was something I do not recall learning in school - so that was educational. I like Liam all right, but I am so glad DDL played Lincoln instead. The acting and direction were flawless. Tommy Lee Jones had some great lines. Ha ha. Can't believe how unappealing make-up made Lee Pace, but I'm sure that's what Spielberg intended. I totally need to buy some biographies on Thaddeus Stevens and Lincoln now - both such admirable beings.
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By kristenfalcone86
Written November 17, 2012
We were really looking forward to this movie given all the hype. We love history and who doesn't love Spielberg movies? So disappointing! I'm certain it was historically accurate, I'm sure the actors were historically accurate in their portayal of their characters...just really, really boring watching a bunch of people discuss and argue over politics. No action, no suspense...not a whole lot of drama. I kept looking at my watch, dozing off....not the way I want to spend 2 hours and 40 mins. Two thumbs down. Sorry! I wanted to really love this movie but both my husband and I thought it was flat and an incredibly boring way to spend our evening. I kept waiting for the movie to redeem itself and it never did.
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A Movie "for the people," but not by the people or of them.

By ashtoncrosby
Written November 10, 2012
My brief is with the script. It is so dense that often I wanted to push "rewind" to hear a scene again. The performances, however, were mesmerizing, as was the cinematography, & I loved Lincoln's seemingly irrelevant, rambling anecdotes. Those made him real & quite endearing. Were they historically accurate?
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