Could Have Been Better

By NYSnooper
Written November 10, 2012
This movie had a great cast stuck with an aimless and tedious script. The characters did not really speak to each other in dialogue, but instead orated at each other in paragraphs. Also, several of the speeches had 21st century anachronisms (two soldiers, meeting with Lincoln, talk about equal pay and promotion potential). The movie was structured around Lincoln's efforts to get the Thirteenth Amendment (locking the abolition of slavery into the Constitution) passed in early 1865. This was a promising plot line, but all to often, "Lincoln" gets lost in the weeds. For example, long stretches of the movie get involved in these pointless roll call scenes on the floor of Congress. The casting was good--Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln and Tommy Lee Jones was a great Thaddeus Stevens. But they obviously struggled against the limitations of this ponderous, lumbering script. Sad to say, I actually longed for the film to end ("Ah, April 9, Ford's Theatre is only three days away. . . .")
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Boring.Slow,Long,Bad Acting

By rvprentice
Written January 19, 2017
Lincoln is the worst movie I have seen in years. Boring. Slow. Unimaginative and badly acted. The story line is weak, Spielberg's direction is poor. Many scenes are shot with no imagination at all, and would be more suited to an amateur stage play, not a Hollywood motion picture, at $11 a ticket.. The Lincoln impersonation by Day Lewis is wooden and unbelievable. Sally Field overacts terribly, as does Jones. There is no attempt to tell the viewer who most of the characters are, There is almost no attempt to tell viewers the dates when events depicted are actually happening. Avoid this terrible movie at all costs.
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Oscar Worthy

By MedRed
Written January 19, 2017
A lot of effort goes into making a historically accurate movie interesting apart from the facts. Lincoln will pull on your heartstrings and tickle your funny bone. Daniel Day Lewis out does himself with a stellar portrayal of Abraham Lincoln. This move is but a sliver of time in Lincolns 2nd term as President. Lincoln captures the gray found between the proponents and opponents of the 13th amendment. This film succeeds in telling the story at the heart of a President consumed with the desire to do the right thing despite the monumental uphill struggle necessary to do so and the uncertainty of the outcome if successful.. "Lincoln" honors one of the greatest Presidents in the history of the US. A man born into poverty, afflicted with depression, a witness to the untimely deaths of two of his young children, a man charged with the responsibility of the United States of America during the bloodiest period of its history, and a man ultimately assassinated. Bring on the Oscars!
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By Elayne Duke
Written January 16, 2017
I agree completely with the review of " New York Snooper " , who has discerning judgement . The acting was second rate as was the entire production , scenically . It was cheaply presented , and ,sadly to say , portrays Spielberg as " burned out " . Regrettably he has passed his " prime " ! Elayne Duke P.S. I would like to refer the movie critics to the Raymomd Massey and Beulah Bondi film of LIncoln . Both superb examples of an actor and actress , in character , in a performance and scenic setting which transforms you and stays indelibly etched in your memory . The Art of Acting and film making lives with our current age of mediocrity , with movie goers and Newspaper critics floating along with the tide . Three cheers for the " New York Snooper " who ever you are . Keep sending out your reviews . You are a ray of Hope !
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By powerpac
Written November 12, 2012
Another masterpiece from Spielberg--so what's new? Day-Lewis is the consummate actor---AMAZING!! He channels Lincoln. A bit talkie, but then again, it is a historical piece. Wonderful--should be seen and learned from.
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