Academy Award Winner

By ruglet
Written November 10, 2012
This is the film of the year. All star cast, brilliant screenplay based on a riveting book, superbly directed, poignant with a few great laugh scenes. It is a part of history with lessons for today.
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Too long and slow moving

By loara71
Written May 06, 2015
This movie could have been shown in 1/2 the time. It is too long and very slow moving. The movie depicts the struggle to get 13th amendment into the constitution (slavery). It makes one think that the war between the states was ONLY about slavery which it wasn't. The civil war was about states rights in general with slavery being one of those southern rights. Acting = just fair but if I had to pick the best actor it would have to go to Sally Field (Mary Todd) Suggestion = stay home and don't waste the money. Wait until it is out on DVD than rent it. Don't buy it since I am sure there will be other Lincoln movies that will be better than this one.
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Interesting, but...

By tagwood85
Written April 29, 2016
I couldn't tell exactly what the movie was focusing on. The most interesting characters and plot line, all related to the passage of the 13th Amendment, took a back seat to close-ups of Daniel Day-Lewis eerily channeling our 16th president, while droning on and on in these exaggerated monologues better suited to the Broadway stage. This movie is at least 30 minutes too long; it's ponderous and heavy-handed. We counted at least three "endings". The only pluses were Janusz Kaminski's cinematography and the production design under the direction of Rick Carter. Kudos too to hair & makeup, costumes by Joanna Johnston, and set decoration by Jim Erickson and Peter T. Frank. Daniel Day-Lewis is a sure bet for a Best Actor nomination. But the story itself is bloated. and may have worked better as an HBO mini-series.
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By Sunday_Money
Written August 27, 2016
Excellent movie, I just hate giving DemocRATs like Steven Spielberg any money, so I had to tell myself that my $10 went to a Republican that was in the movie, if there is such a thing in Hollywood. Daniel Day Lewis is a tremendous actor, I think he may win another Academy Award for this performance.
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Loved it

By jrkohn
Written August 30, 2016
Usually I fall asleep in talky, political, historical movies but I was wide awake throughout this one, watching Daniel Day Lewis' amazing performance and learning all about the events around the abolition of slavery. The story had a good balance of home life interest, politics, and a hunt, keeping all of my and my husband's attention. I'm glad that they didn't bite off more than they could chew in this movie, keeping their focus on one short period during Lincoln's presidency. It had a sprinkling of humor and just a touch of sadness, to where one doesn't feel too emotionally overwhelmed one way or the other. The audience was impressed enough with the story, the acting, and probably with respect toward Lincoln, who you feel that you've come to know, to applaud at the end. It was a wonderful, patriotic movie and highly recommended.
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