Lincoln's other battles

By dpswarn
Written November 14, 2012
Daniel Day-Lewis, of course, is a top candidate for an Oscar, but Sally Fields and many of the supporting cast need to also be considered, especially Tommie Lee Jones. And, Spielberg is as usual superb in his direction. The movie did not focus nor even show much of the on-field battles of the Civil War. The battles it did reveal were the ones in the congress and in private and governmental meetings between Lincoln and others, and between Lincoln and his wife and sons. The most interesting story, and the movie's focus, was Lincoln's push to get the 13th Amendment accepted and ratified by the soon-to-be reunited USA and how important that amendment would be to the future of the USA and especially the slaves freed by war decree.
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daniel day lewis

By myboychf
Written November 11, 2012
daniel day lewis portrayal of abraham lincoln is a tour de force. you actually feel you are in the same room with lincoln. his persona and lincoln mannirisim's are right. the hands down winner for best actor next year. I actfully cried at the conclusion of this movie. Speilberg has directed a masterpiece
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By gvernonj
Written November 11, 2012
This is one of the best historical dramas I have ever seen. The screenplay and the performances were wonderful. Not only was DDL amazing, but Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones and James Spader were also fantastic, as were everyone. Now let me be clear: this is a very literate film. This is not an action/war film, this is a story about the American political system – a system that can be dirty and involves lots of shady behind-the-scenes deal-making, but occassionally all these machinations can bring about something which uplifts the human race. There were a great many funny moments too. Just wonderful!
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Lincoln - a really great president and a great movie

By kidsnave
Written November 10, 2012
Great story, well told with humor and humanity. Has politics really changed in 150 years? You be the judge. This is the level of detail I never got in school. I definitely would have been a better student if it had been presented like this. I was totally engrossed and entertained for the whole show. Another Spielberg triumph with great acting all around and realistic staging.
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Brother & Sister Love History & Politics

By tova1221
Written December 28, 2012
Both of us are as 'soothsayers' ; always believing tomorrow is often dictated and a repeat of history/yesterday. To see it proven true was very evident in this film. Spielberg, the team, Licoln Author and HIstorians; proof of validity with long list of credits heighten its' validity. All those in Congress/Senator & House & Executive Branches should view this film once a year as a reminder of necessity to do What Is Right For The Country, Our Future; not their individual pockets; though it is still evident how that still plays a role in decision making. Decisions must be made and an excellent decision to our Educated & quasi-educated citizens is to See This Movie... Re-Learn that History Does Repeat; afterall, aren't we all the same types of modern people still roaming this country? Le Chaim to our future generations F & T Russ
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