Lincoln review

By Simply_jack
Written November 11, 2012
every aspect of the movie, Lincoln, was excellent. AND in light of our recent election seemed to be telling a stroy all Americans would learn and benefit from. Probably will go again.
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By richruben
Written November 26, 2012
"Lincoln" is a great evocation of the capital's culture and politics at the end of the Civil War. Daniel Day-Lewis is superb as the president, but the real Oscar-winner is likely to be Sally Field, who manages to capture both the neurosthenia and dignity of Mary Todd Lincoln. Unfortunately, the politics portrayed here are far less complex than the characters of the protagonists. The Republican Radicals are presented as patriotic statesmen for betraying their commitments to social and political equality for Black Americans in order to secure a legal reform -- passage of the 13th Amendment. The ghastly century-long consequences of that betrayal, and of the sainted Abraham's unwillingness to actually liberate the South, are never made clear. As a result, the movie remains on the level of hagiography, and another chance to reconsider the hard questions of American history is lost.
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By rstgirl
Written December 08, 2012
Nice to see a film that assumes its audience is intelligent. Great acting. The cinematography and costume and set design really take you there. Did not realize it would be so intense. Brought up tears for what our country went through. Have to read more about it now.
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By ladydoctor
Written February 28, 2015
heavy on politics, and political strategy, shold've been named "passage of the 13th amendment", it's a whole lot about the amendment and not much about Lincoln at all. It's worthwhile to see, possessed a lot of unknown facts and was great for history, however, it got to be boring at times.
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Not for Action Buffs

By jamjackvee
Written March 06, 2015
A pretty good movie. A thought provoking movie mostly try's to show what Lincoln faced in the early days of congress. Kind of hits the big things most people will remember about Lincoln in the last 20 minutes. Daniel Day Lewis hits his stride in this movie. You will recognize lots of TV actors and bit actors in this film.
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