Not so emotional

By DaddyJeffy
Written January 05, 2013
This was beautifully shot and humanizes Lincoln really well. Because of Spielberg, I was expecting something more emotional, which this film wasn't. I felt the ending was too abrupt. Maybe the extended version will come out on blu-ray.
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Lincoln: An atmospheric tour de force

By markcomman
Written November 11, 2012
All in all, the movie was very good. Most remarkable was the way it captured the feel of the times, the sense of what the White House, in all its casualness and direct public exposure, was like a century and a half ago. And the film's focus on the political necessities surrounding the 13th amendment was surprising and fascinating. The performances, were wonderful - highlighted by the portrayals of Lincoln himself (in all his vulnerability, eloquence, and humor), and of Thaddeus Stephens were particularly outstanding. There were some moments that were somewhat sentimental, at times. And some of the scenes with Mary were a bit over done and over drawn.
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extremely boring but informative...

By nng
Written December 01, 2012
so after the trailers I knew lincoln would be boring..and it was. If you want to witness 19th century politicians and the house of rep battle it out in debates over the 13th amendment and the struggle of the passing of the 13th amendment-- then this is your story. It's more of a historical documentary type movie than a movie full of extreme interest and action. the verbiage too was 19th centuryesque and too difficult to sit through tough that actually made most of the movie because without it it would have been even more boring. the costumes, cinematography and acting were all superb. you really felt as if you were watching lincoln during those times and of course daniel day lewis was brilliant as was sally field and other actors. the ending was the best part and then it was over. it's also a really long movie so be prepared to watch politicians debate in a room most of the time along with strategizing of passing amendments..not my idea of entertainment...
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By stodj
Written November 13, 2012
Run don't walk to see LINCOLN. Couldn't be more timely. Incredible performances throughout. I'm still feeling it and thinking about it...and about seeing it again.
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You have to be kidding me!!!!!

By ewhite1065
Written July 26, 2014
Just went to see this one and with all the Hype about award winning content and performances this is posibly the biggest let down I have ever had at a movie. For starters, this movie is one big bore and I mean that sincerely. This is 2 1/2 hours of Lincoln and his Republican Congressmen twisting arms and bribing people to push through the 13th ammendment. Tommy Lee Jones might be the only saving Grace in this movie as his performance and character portrayal are the only interesting and enetertaining part of this over-rated bomb. If you open up an 8th grade level history book it is more educational than the content here and quite frankly some of the lines written into this are flat out unbelievable, but presented to you as though it were solid fact. The only thing more shocking to me than this dud are the reviews that it has received from people and critics.. My only guess is that most people in this country never learned history in school. Buy a book and get the real truth.
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