By chelsea_guy09
Written July 23, 2014
This is a brilliant film by Mr. Spielberg that speaks of man's best and worst. He has presented these themes to us before and our hearts, minds and souls are better for it. The usless loss of war and the ideals of freedom and equality are common themes but never better embodied than here in this portait of Lincoln starring Daniel Day Lewis. With an engaging script by Tony Kushner and superlative performances by all, this movie draws a concise picture of 19th century America and the issues that have resonated throughout history and around the world. The view offered is not a grandiose heroic tableux but a heartfelt human vision that embraces tragedy and the need to heal a nation. Through Mr. Spielberg's artfully subtle direction we witness a war and a fight in government that reveals a man with a keen sense of humor, human nature and justice. Sally Fields in one of her most compelling roles should surely be considered for an Oscar as well as Gloria Ruben and James Spader. Excellent !
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Great acting, well shot, poor screenplay

By MaverickRK
Written November 19, 2012
I felt the screenplay did a terrible job of tying a lot of episodic parts, and a vast collection of characters, together to move you through the story. It was easy to lose track of who was in favor of what and why.
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I really wanted to like it...

By curioussheridan
Written November 26, 2012
I really wanted to like it: a movie about a hero of mine, with a great director and good actors; but it was slow and ponderous, and the photography was clever rather than effective. The scenes of the awfulness of war were good, but Lincoln was not quite believable as portrayed. The best actor was Tommie Lee Jones as the secretary of State, followed by Sally Fields.
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By smal26
Written November 25, 2012
Absolutley EXCELLENT!!!! From beginning to end supurb and historically RIGHT ON!! Daniel Day-Lewis is OSCAR Worthy in his portrayal of Abraham Lincoln Sally Field incredible as Mary Todd Lincoln! The entire cast out did themselves! I would go to see it again!!
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A New Birth of Freedom! Lincoln, an Excellent Film

By Homer33
Written November 18, 2012
"Lincoln" is an excellent films that exhibits all of those qualities of excellence requisite for drama delineated by Aristotle in his book, "Poetics". That is: 1. Excellent plot development; 2. Excellent Character Development; 3. Excellent moral development; 4. Spectacle; and 5. Good music. While being extremely entertaining, the film stimulates the intellect and the emotions. It reminds one of the sacrifices that Lincoln and others made in order to maintain our nation and government "of, by, and for the people."
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