One Big Fib

By misbach
Written November 24, 2012
The entire movie is based on the fictitious idea that Lincoln wanted desperately to get the 13th amendment passed. Historical facts don't support that. So the experience for me was a little like watching a fairy tale and a little like watching war propaganda. In other words, confusing and frustrating. Spielberg uses the most bizarre lighting. Lincoln was in silhouette for most of the film, which is a huge disservice to Daniel Day-Lewis, whose performance was amazing. He almost made me think kind thoughts of Abe Lincoln: that is up until I remembered the truth. Why did it look like the light fixtures were the movie stars in every single frame? Come on. Grow up, will you Spielberg? Move on to something a little more interesting with your direction. We've seen the lights. We get it. Shadow creates contrast. Not interesting. Cinematically it was a disappointment. Historically is was shameful.
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By RAmundsen
Written February 11, 2016
Daniel Day Lewis is a wonderful actor and hisportrayal is excellent. However, the story line did not lend itself well to the screen.Of all the dramatic moments in Lincoln's presidency - his reaction to secession, his difficulties finding the right general to manage his forces, the early defeats and turnaround at Gettysburg, ending with his Gettysburg address, the insipid legislative huckstering to pass the 13th amendment is the last event that should have been chosen to showcase this seminal figure in American history.
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By rjhatton992
Written April 28, 2017
I wasn't too blown away by this film. It was not so much about Lincoln himself as it was about politics and passing the 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the US. A lot of people liked it, but throughout most of the film, I was just saying "get on with it!" The personal touches with his wife and sons seemed to be an afterthought, and I never really got engaged with any of the characters. Even the war scenes were not enough to engage me. I really don't know why so many people are so knocked out about it.
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By ssivak
Written June 29, 2016
not quite what i expected. very narrow focus and time frame. worht the price of admission just to watch daniel day lewis at his craft. maybe the best acting performance i have ever seen in my 44 years!
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By lcellertson
Written August 24, 2016
I learned a lot about Lincoln and what a hard time it was for him and his family. I was able to stay awake which is good news for me because when a movie is boring I have a hard time staying awake. The acting was superb. At times the rhetoric when they were debating the bill was a little hard to follow. The 3 people that I went with enjoyed the movie also.
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