Brother & Sister Love History & Politics

By tova1221
Written December 20, 2014
Both of us are as 'soothsayers' ; always believing tomorrow is often dictated and a repeat of history/yesterday. To see it proven true was very evident in this film. Spielberg, the team, Licoln Author and HIstorians; proof of validity with long list of credits heighten its' validity. All those in Congress/Senator & House & Executive Branches should view this film once a year as a reminder of necessity to do What Is Right For The Country, Our Future; not their individual pockets; though it is still evident how that still plays a role in decision making. Decisions must be made and an excellent decision to our Educated & quasi-educated citizens is to See This Movie... Re-Learn that History Does Repeat; afterall, aren't we all the same types of modern people still roaming this country? Le Chaim to our future generations F & T Russ
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Great acting, disappointing screenplay, overripe direction

By pajer
Written August 25, 2016
I was expecting a great movie. I was disappointed. The acting and costumes and sets are second to none. The screenplay and dialog is contrived, and lacking subtlety. Plot points that are perfectly clear by inference, are spelled out explicitly like a Law and Order episode where the characters pause to explain to the viewer what just happened. I note that the screenplay was written by the same guy who wrote "Angles in America", which I also thought was poorly done, so maybe he an I are just on different wavelengths. The plot is spiced-up with a sub-plot of "dirty tricksters", and dramatic scenes in the House of Representatives. I'd like to know the historical accuracy of those. It's directed with construction tools as opposed to cabinetmaker tools. Blunt. You *will* root for the "good guys". You *will* be manipulated, as in a romantic comedy. Near the end, there is a wonderful scene that should close the movie, but two pointless epilogues follow.
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Lincoln, Expanding One's Vision to What Might be Achieved

By SickofUserNameandPasscode
Written August 25, 2016
Steven Spielberg's superlative historical drama on Lincoln is totally captivating...AWESOME! All of the supporting actors deserve kudos, along with Daniel Day Lewis's tour-de-force representation of Lincoln (sends chills down ones spine). The scripting was absolutely priceless, along with the presentation of the more famous speeches that we are all familiar with. I believe that this movie will become suggested viewing for every high school history class from now on. It's also a slam-dunk shoe-in at the Oscars in many categories. Finally, I would have loved to have been fly on the wall on the different sets during the making of this movie. The behind the scenes give-and-take banter, along with the out-takes was likely of the highest caliber, due to the talented actor-artists assembled to make this picture. Hopefully we will soon be able to see "the making of Lincoln, the movie"?
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Good movie.

By david_pr
Written July 25, 2016
I found the movie to be very educative. I think Sally Field was brilliant. And Tommy Lee brought some humor to the movie. A must see...I can see some of the actor taking awards this year.
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Could Have Been Better

By NYSnooper
Written November 10, 2012
This movie had a great cast stuck with an aimless and tedious script. The characters did not really speak to each other in dialogue, but instead orated at each other in paragraphs. Also, several of the speeches had 21st century anachronisms (two soldiers, meeting with Lincoln, talk about equal pay and promotion potential). The movie was structured around Lincoln's efforts to get the Thirteenth Amendment (locking the abolition of slavery into the Constitution) passed in early 1865. This was a promising plot line, but all to often, "Lincoln" gets lost in the weeds. For example, long stretches of the movie get involved in these pointless roll call scenes on the floor of Congress. The casting was good--Daniel Day Lewis as Lincoln and Tommy Lee Jones was a great Thaddeus Stevens. But they obviously struggled against the limitations of this ponderous, lumbering script. Sad to say, I actually longed for the film to end ("Ah, April 9, Ford's Theatre is only three days away. . . .")
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