Great Book and Movie

By jvillerocker
Written March 18, 2011
Having read the book and being a big fan of the author, I was kind of skeptical of Matthew M. playing the lead role of this movie. I have to say that watching the movie, Matthew M. hit a home run with this acting!! The cast was great and the movie itself was good. Highly recommend that you see this movie.
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Cool McConaughey Movie

By rockydoggies
Written March 18, 2011
I liked it. It opens with some cool soul and swagger, but that theme leaves after 3 minutes and never returns, that's too bad. Then the film gets interesting with its mystery and suspense. It's not the seriousness of A TIme To Kill in which Matthew McConaughey shined in. It's different, but McConaughey still shines in this new one. Surprisingly it has a stellar all star cast so you may recognize a
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Five Word Review

By LoboOC
Written December 27, 2010
Connelly comes to the movies!
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We loved it!

By Nevertoomanymovies
Written March 21, 2011
Matthew has never been better in a movie. Slick and full of personality, style and emotion. Marissa is always great and beautiful. There were many twists and turns-so many I was not able to even finish my small popcorn. I was too busy waiting to see what was going to happen next. There were a couple of non-communications with the background story-but that really did not make a difference. Not for kids. ADULTS---Go-you will like it!
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Lincoln Lawyer

By sunandsandgirl
Written April 30, 2011
Entertaining, good twists, kept your interest. Enjoyed it.
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