Action Action Action!

By Plundemo
Written April 04, 2011
I haven't enjoyed an action thriller in a long time, and this movie was just what the doctor ordered. The special effects made you feel like you were on a super drug, and the story line delivered. What a concept, can you imagine? Bradley Cooper was at his handsome best. His change of appearance throughout the movie was crucial to the believability of what he was doing to himself through the drug. Honestly, anyone could have played Robert DeNiro's part. I think he is strictly "paying the bills" with the roles he chooses, but that's ok. Bradley Cooper is the star of this trippy rollercoaster ride.
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By katmc
Written March 23, 2011
The opening photography, I won't spoil it for you by saying more, is worth the price of the ticket. Great entertainment and I highly recommend it. Grab a BIG bag of popcorn and get ready for a RIDE.
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Limitless review

By Abbys_Dad
Written February 03, 2012
Not really what I expected going in. It was a cool concept though. Good movie.
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Engaging, exciting, entertaining

By Iceberg2
Written March 20, 2011
Limitless was an excellent movie from start to finish. From scene one, the story was engaging, exciting and entertaining. The directing and cinematography were superb! There are several scenes that quickly coast through the streets of NYC that are amazing to watch! And the colors of the scenes evoke the mediocrity and the blues and their opposite. Bradley Cooper gave a very convincing performance as both a depressed, lax writer AND a super-perceptive, sharp, motivated do-er. You don't necessarily know what's going to happen from one interaction to the next, but you do want his character to fare well. This is a must-see!!
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Predictable, and well done

By Joshuaaaaaa
Written March 20, 2011
Okay, I went into Limitless with a bit of skepticism. I really thought the premise was good, I just wasn't sure they could pull it off. This seems to be one of those movie themes that can devolve into utter schlock. Well, I was pleasantly surprised with the movie. The acting was solid if unspectacular, the pacing was good, and the visuals (I saw it in xD) were well done. At the same time, I found the plot to be, for the most part, very predictable. Some of the scenes were filmed in a manner that was a bit disturbing to watch (which I think was the intent). Not in a violent way, although there is a fair amount of violence in the movie, more in a "the scenes are changing too quickly" way. As for the violence, I wouldn't take younger children to this. There is a fair amount, and some of it is fairly graphic. It makes sense in terms of the plot, and my date was a bit squeamish about it. This movie won't win any awards, and I found it to be good entertainment.
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