Limitless makes you think

By Nick3d1
Written March 21, 2011
I was expecting just another action movie, but this movie made me think in a different way. It wasn't your typical "confuse the audience with many plot points that come to a head in the last 10 min with a 'surprise' twist" kind of movie. Instead, it was written intelligently enough that I could somewhat turn my brain off and follow the movie, but look back and make other connections I hadn't made initially. I didn't fully appreciate the writing until looking back on it the next day. Also, the cinematography was great. I loved the use of color saturation to emphasize different emotions.
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Took my husband on a date to see Limitless.

By ljwade63
Written March 21, 2011
The movie was excellent a lot of great twist & turns! My husband & I loved it!!!
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By spilling5
Written March 22, 2011
A very good movie. Great ending, story line was good. Suitable for younger viewers over 10. No sex scenes, mild violence, minor swearing. Acting was great, characters were believable. We had a great time.
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By matthewjoney
Written March 27, 2011
Good movie. Great acting. If I had that pill my review would be much better.
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Review of Limitless

By scissor
Written March 21, 2011
This movie is rated R dytictly because of the drug use aspect. There was little offensive language, no nudity, not even much violence, you see much worse on prime time tv every night. It wasn't the best movie I've ever seen but it was very entertaining and the premise is fascinating. The cast is perfect. Of course Mr. Cooper is wonderful, both asthetically pleasing and a decent actor. To see him dress down De Niro was a treat! Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the film. There was some wierd cinematogoraphy that made me a little sick, moving really fast through the streets as if you were in a tunnel. There were some time lapses in the film that were not as explained as they could have been. Parents of teenagers, unless you're very strict about what your kids see, this movie did not deserve an R rating. The fact that they didn't add things into the movie to deserve that rating speaks well to the directors. I think almost everyone over 12 would likely enjoy this film.
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