Lilyan Tashman
Date of Birth
Oct 23, 1900
Birth Place:
Brooklyn, New York City, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
1936 Chester Morris Frankie and Johnnie
1936 John Larkin Frankie and Johnnie
1936 William Harrigan Frankie and Johnnie
1936 Helen Morgan Frankie and Johnnie
1934 Louis Mercier Rip Tide
1934 Herbert Marshall Rip Tide
1934 Walter Brennan Rip Tide
1934 Helen Jerome Eddy Rip Tide
1934 E.E. Clive Rip Tide
1934 Norma Shearer Rip Tide
1934 C. Montague Shaw Rip Tide
1934 Robert Montgomery Rip Tide
1934 Arthur Treacher Rip Tide
1934 Bobby Watson Wine, Women, and Song
1933 Ruth Warren Mama Loves Papa
1933 George Barbier Mama Loves Papa
1933 Gail Patrick Mama Loves Papa
1933 Charlie Ruggles Mama Loves Papa
1933 Walter Catlett Mama Loves Papa
1933 Mary Boland Mama Loves Papa
1933 George Bancroft Mama Loves Papa
1933 Ned Sparks Too Much Harmony
1933 Cyril Ring Too Much Harmony
1933 Bing Crosby Too Much Harmony
1933 Billy Bevan Too Much Harmony
1933 Jack Oakie Too Much Harmony
1932 Mischa Auer Scarlet Dawn
1932 Guy Kibbee Scarlet Dawn
1932 Mae Busch Scarlet Dawn
1932 Nancy Carroll Scarlet Dawn
1932 Dewey Robinson Scarlet Dawn
1932 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Scarlet Dawn
1932 Cecil Cunningham Those We Love
1932 Mary Astor Those We Love
1932 Pat O'Malley Those We Love
1932 Douglas Dumbrille The Wiser Sex
1932 Melvyn Douglas The Wiser Sex
1932 Claudette Colbert The Wiser Sex
1932 Paul Harvey The Wiser Sex
1932 Granville Bates The Wiser Sex
1932 Franchot Tone The Wiser Sex
1931 Regis Toomey Finn and Hattie
1931 Mitzi Green Finn and Hattie
1931 ZaSu Pitts Finn and Hattie
1931 Jackie Searl Finn and Hattie
1931 Leon Errol Finn and Hattie
1931 Mack Swain Finn and Hattie
1931 Eugene Pallette Girls About Town
1931 George Barbier Girls About Town
1931 Louise Beavers Girls About Town
1931 Kay Francis Girls About Town
1931 Claire Dodd Girls About Town
1931 Joel McCrea Girls About Town
1931 Irene Rich The Mad Parade
1931 Evelyn Brent The Mad Parade
1931 Louise Fazenda The Mad Parade
1931 John Halliday Millie
1931 Frank McHugh Millie
1931 Franklin Parker Millie
1931 Helen Twelvetrees Millie
1931 Joan Blondell Millie
1931 Anita Louise Millie
1931 Regis Toomey Murder by the Clock
1931 Guy Oliver Murder by the Clock
1931 Sally O'Neil Murder by the Clock
1931 Sidney Blackmer, Sr. One Heavenly Night
1931 Henry Kolker One Heavenly Night
1931 John Boles One Heavenly Night
1931 Leon Errol One Heavenly Night
1931 Wynne Gibson The Road to Reno
1931 Charles "Buddy" Rogers The Road to Reno
1931 Stuart Erwin Up Pops the Devil
1931 Carole Lombard Up Pops the Devil
1931 Guy Oliver Up Pops the Devil
1930 Elizabeth Patterson The Cat Creeps
1930 Montagu Love The Cat Creeps
1930 Jean Hersholt The Cat Creeps
1930 Neil Hamilton The Cat Creeps
1930 Helen Twelvetrees The Cat Creeps
1930 Irene Dunne Leathernecking
1930 Eddie Foy, Jr. Leathernecking
1930 Louise Fazenda Leathernecking
1930 William Von Brincken Leathernecking
1930 Benny Rubin Leathernecking
1930 Ken Murray Leathernecking
1930 Ned Sparks Leathernecking
1930 James Gleason The Matrimonial Bed
1930 Beryl Mercer The Matrimonial Bed
1930 Florence Eldridge The Matrimonial Bed
1930 Louise Fazenda No, No Nanette
1930 ZaSu Pitts No, No Nanette
1930 Lucien Littlefield No, No Nanette
1930 Victor McLaglen On the Level
1930 William Harrigan On the Level
1930 Fifi D'Orsay On the Level
1930 James Gleason Puttin' on the Ritz
1930 Sidney Franklin Puttin' on the Ritz
1930 Purnell Pratt Puttin' on the Ritz
1930 Joan Bennett Puttin' on the Ritz
1930 George Irving Puttin' on the Ritz
1929 Ronald Colman Bulldog Drummond
1929 Charles Sellon Bulldog Drummond
1929 Lucille Ball Bulldog Drummond
1929 Montagu Love Bulldog Drummond
1929 Heather Angel Bulldog Drummond
1929 Jack Buchanan Bulldog Drummond
1929 Joan Bennett Bulldog Drummond
1929 Armand Kaliz Gold Diggers of Broadway
1929 Julia Swayne Gordon Gold Diggers of Broadway
1929 Louise Beavers Gold Diggers of Broadway
1929 Sally O'Neil Hardboiled
1929 Fredric March The Marriage Playground
1929 Seena Owen The Marriage Playground
1929 Kay Francis The Marriage Playground
1929 David Newell The Marriage Playground
1929 Mary Brian The Marriage Playground
1929 Mitzi Green The Marriage Playground
1929 Huntly Gordon The Marriage Playground
1929 Armand Kaliz The Marriage Playground
1929 Anita Louise The Marriage Playground
1929 Stanley Fields New York Nights
1929 Norma Talmadge New York Nights
1929 Gilbert Roland New York Nights
1929 Roscoe Karns New York Nights
1929 Jean Harlow New York Nights
1929 Charles Moore The Trial of Mary Dugan
1929 Lewis Stone The Trial of Mary Dugan
1929 H.B. Warner The Trial of Mary Dugan
1929 Norma Shearer The Trial of Mary Dugan
1928 George Irving Craig's Wife
1928 Warner Baxter Craig's Wife
1928 Irene Rich Craig's Wife
1928 Edmund Lowe Happiness Ahead
1928 Charles Sellon Happiness Ahead
1928 Colleen Moore Happiness Ahead
1928 Estelle Taylor Lady Raffles
1928 Nancy Carroll Manhattan Cocktail
1928 Richard Arlen Manhattan Cocktail
1928 Paul Lukas Manhattan Cocktail
1928 Matt Moore Phyllis of the Follies
1928 Bebe Daniels Take Me Home
1928 Neil Hamilton Take Me Home
1928 Joe E. Brown Take Me Home
1927 Gilbert Roland Camille
1927 Norma Talmadge Camille
1927 Helen Jerome Eddy Camille
1927 William Demarest Don't Tell the Wife
1927 Huntly Gordon Don't Tell the Wife
1927 Irene Rich Don't Tell the Wife
1927 Hedda Hopper French Dressing
1927 H.B. Warner French Dressing
1927 Lois Wilson French Dressing
1927 Clive Brook French Dressing
1927 Lewis Stone Prince of Headwaiters
1927 Billie Dove The Stolen Bride
1927 Armand Kaliz The Stolen Bride
1927 Will Rogers A Texas Steer
1927 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. A Texas Steer
1927 Louise Fazenda A Texas Steer
1927 Sam Hardy A Texas Steer
1927 Lucien Littlefield A Texas Steer
1927 Mack Swain A Texas Steer
1927 George "Slim" Summerville A Texas Steer
1926 Clive Brook For Alimony Only
1926 Leatrice Joy For Alimony Only
1926 Antonio Moreno Love's Blindness
1926 Ned Sparks Love's Blindness
1926 George Waggner Love's Blindness
1926 Tom Santschi Siberia
1926 Edmund Lowe Siberia
1926 Paul Panzer Siberia
1926 Ben Hall The Skyrocket
1926 Owen Moore The Skyrocket
1926 Monte Blue So This Is Paris
1926 Myrna Loy So This Is Paris
1926 H.B. Warner Whispering Smith
1926 Eugene Pallette Whispering Smith
1926 Nelson McDowell Whispering Smith
1925 Charles Ray Bright Lights
1925 Ned Sparks Bright Lights
1925 Hedda Hopper Declasse
1925 Clive Brook Declasse
1925 Louise Fazenda Declasse
1925 Henry B. Walthall The Girl Who Wouldn't Work
1925 Lionel Barrymore The Girl Who Wouldn't Work
1925 Reginald Denny I'll Show You the Town
1925 Madge Bellamy Parasite
1925 Owen Moore Parasite
1925 Bryant Washburn Parasite
1925 Edmund Lowe Ports of Call
1925 Tom Moore Pretty Ladies
1925 Norma Shearer Pretty Ladies
1925 Myrna Loy Pretty Ladies
1925 Joan Crawford Pretty Ladies
1925 ZaSu Pitts Pretty Ladies
1925 Conrad Nagel Pretty Ladies
1925 Creighton Hale Seven Days
1924 Marie Prevost Dark Swan
1924 Monte Blue Dark Swan
1924 H.B. Warner Is Love Everything?
1924 Gloria Swanson Manhandled
1924 Tom Moore Manhandled
1924 Frank Morgan Manhandled
1924 Hobart Bosworth Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model
1924 Mae Busch Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model
1924 Edmund Lowe Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model
1924 Claire Windsor Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model
1924 Raymond Griffith Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model
1924 Buck Jones Winner Take All
1924 John Gilbert Winner Take All
1921 Reginald Denny Experience
1921 Richard Barthelmess Experience
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