Lila Lee
Date of Birth
Jul 25, 1901
Birth Place:
Union Hill, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
1967 Tommy Noonan Cottonpickin' Chickenpickers
1967 Sonny Tufts Cottonpickin' Chickenpickers
1967 "Slapsie Maxie" Rosenbloom Cottonpickin' Chickenpickers
1938 Monte Blue Oh Boy!
1938 Jackie Searl Oh Boy!
1937 Douglas Walton Nation Aflame
1937 Lee Shumway Nation Aflame
1937 Carl Stockdale Nation Aflame
1937 C. Montague Shaw Nation Aflame
1937 Harry "Snub" Pollard Nation Aflame
1937 Clarence H. Wilson Two Wise Maids
1937 James C. Morton Two Wise Maids
1937 Marcia Mae Jones Two Wise Maids
1937 John Hamilton Two Wise Maids
1937 Jackie Searl Two Wise Maids
1937 Alison Skipworth Two Wise Maids
1937 "Slapsie Maxie" Rosenbloom Two Wise Maids
1936 Ray "Crash" Corrigan Country Gentlemen
1936 Ole Olsen Country Gentlemen
1936 Chic Johnson Country Gentlemen
1936 Eric Blore The Ex-Mrs. Bradford
1936 Frankie Darro The Ex-Mrs. Bradford
1936 Robert Armstrong The Ex-Mrs. Bradford
1936 Jean Arthur The Ex-Mrs. Bradford
1936 Dorothy Granger The Ex-Mrs. Bradford
1936 Grant Mitchell The Ex-Mrs. Bradford
1936 Ralph Morgan The Ex-Mrs. Bradford
1936 William Powell The Ex-Mrs. Bradford
1936 Paul Fix The Ex-Mrs. Bradford
1936 James Gleason The Ex-Mrs. Bradford
1936 Edward McWade The Ex-Mrs. Bradford
1935 Sidney Toler Champagne for Breakfast
1935 Mary Carlisle Champagne for Breakfast
1935 Clarence H. Wilson Champagne for Breakfast
1935 Herbert Rawlinson The People's Enemy
1935 Robert Shayne The People's Enemy
1935 Charles Coburn The People's Enemy
1935 Melvyn Douglas The People's Enemy
1935 Preston S. Foster The People's Enemy
1935 Roscoe Ates The People's Enemy
1934 Kane Richmond I Can't Escape
1934 Clara Kimball Young I Can't Escape
1934 William Desmond I Can't Escape
1934 Dickie Moore In Love with Life
1934 Charles B. Middleton Lone Cowboy
1934 Jackie Cooper Lone Cowboy
1934 Barton MacLane Lone Cowboy
1934 Jerome Storm Lone Cowboy
1934 Lynn Bari Stand up and Cheer
1934 Warner Baxter Stand up and Cheer
1934 Lucien Littlefield Stand up and Cheer
1934 Wilbur Mack Stand up and Cheer
1934 Scotty Beckett Stand up and Cheer
1934 John Boles Stand up and Cheer
1934 James Dunn Stand up and Cheer
1934 Nigel Bruce Stand up and Cheer
1934 Ruth Clifford Stand up and Cheer
1934 Edward Earle Stand up and Cheer
1934 Si Jenks Stand up and Cheer
1934 Shirley Temple Stand up and Cheer
1934 Lurene Tuttle Stand up and Cheer
1934 Frank Melton Stand up and Cheer
1934 Jack Richardson Stand up and Cheer
1934 Frances Morris Stand up and Cheer
1934 Phil Tead Stand up and Cheer
1934 Madge Evans Stand up and Cheer
1934 Dick Foran Stand up and Cheer
1934 John Miller Stand up and Cheer
1934 Carl Stockdale Stand up and Cheer
1934 Ralph Morgan Stand up and Cheer
1934 Stepin Fetchit Stand up and Cheer
1934 Bess Flowers Stand up and Cheer
1934 Jean Arthur Whirlpool
1934 Allen Jenkins Whirlpool
1934 Ward Bond Whirlpool
1934 Jack Holt Whirlpool
1933 Sam Hardy The Face in the Sky
1933 Spencer Tracy The Face in the Sky
1933 Stuart Erwin The Face in the Sky
1933 John Farrell MacDonald The Iron Master
1933 Reginald Denny The Iron Master
1933 Jackie Searl Officer 13
1933 Seena Owen Officer 13
1933 Mickey Rooney Officer 13
1933 Monte Blue Officer 13
1932 Tully Marshall Exposure
1932 Pat O'Malley Exposure
1932 Nat Pendleton Exposure
1932 Bryant Washburn Exposure
1932 Purnell Pratt False Faces
1932 Eddie "Rochester" Anderson False Faces
1932 Lowell Sherman False Faces
1932 Ken Maynard False Faces
1932 Berton Churchill False Faces
1932 Monte Blue The Intruder
1932 Mischa Auer The Intruder
1932 Mary Boland The Night of June 13
1932 Clive Brook The Night of June 13
1932 Frances Dee The Night of June 13
1932 Charlie Ruggles The Night of June 13
1932 Helen Jerome Eddy The Night of June 13
1932 Charles Grapewin The Night of June 13
1932 Gene Raymond The Night of June 13
1932 Edward J. Le Saint The Night of June 13
1932 Andy Devine Radio Patrol
1932 Sidney Toler Radio Patrol
1932 Robert Armstrong Radio Patrol
1932 Kathlyn Williams Unholy Love
1932 Lyle Talbot Unholy Love
1932 H.B. Warner Unholy Love
1932 Beryl Mercer Unholy Love
1932 Jack Holt War Correspondent
1932 Ralph Graves War Correspondent
1931 Roscoe Karns The Gorilla
1931 Purnell Pratt The Gorilla
1931 Walter Pidgeon The Gorilla
1931 Louise Fazenda Misbehaving Ladies
1931 Julia Swayne Gordon Misbehaving Ladies
1931 Ben Lyon Misbehaving Ladies
1931 Lucien Littlefield Misbehaving Ladies
1931 David Newell Woman Hungry
1931 Sidney Blackmer, Sr. Woman Hungry
1931 Tom Dugan Woman Hungry
1931 John Farrell MacDonald Woman Hungry
1931 Raymond Hatton Woman Hungry
1931 Fred Kohler Woman Hungry
1930 Montagu Love Double Cross Roads
1930 Ned Sparks Double Cross Roads
1930 Tully Marshall Murder Will Out
1930 Hedda Hopper Murder Will Out
1930 Noah Beery, Sr. Murder Will Out
1930 Conrad Nagel Second Wife
1930 Hugh Herbert Second Wife
1930 Frank Mills Those Who Dance
1930 Monte Blue Those Who Dance
1930 Betty Compson Those Who Dance
1930 Lew Meehan Those Who Dance
1930 Bob Perry Those Who Dance
1930 Cornelius Keefe Those Who Dance
1930 Harry Semels Those Who Dance
1930 Elliott Nugent The Unholy Three
1930 Lon Chaney The Unholy Three
1929 Thomas Meighan The Argyle Case
1929 H.B. Warner The Argyle Case
1929 Wilbur Mack The Argyle Case
1929 ZaSu Pitts The Argyle Case
1929 Lucien Littlefield Dark Streets
1929 Jack Mulhall Dark Streets
1929 Lucien Littlefield Drag
1929 Tom Dugan Drag
1929 Richard Barthelmess Drag
1929 Ralph Graves Flight
1929 Jack Holt Flight
1929 Wilbur Mack Honky Tonk
1929 George Jessel Love, Live and Laugh
1929 Henry Kolker Love, Live and Laugh
1929 Eddie Foy, Jr. Queen of the Nightclubs
1929 Lee Shumway Queen of the Nightclubs
1929 George Raft Queen of the Nightclubs
1929 Conrad Nagel The Sacred Flame
1929 Pauline Frederick The Sacred Flame
1929 Tully Marshall Show of Shows
1929 Shirley Mason Show of Shows
1929 Viola Dana Show of Shows
1929 Dolores Costello Show of Shows
1929 Ben Turpin Show of Shows
1929 Frank Morgan Show of Shows
1929 Patsy Ruth Miller Show of Shows
1929 Hans Conried Show of Shows
1929 Sally O'Neil Show of Shows
1929 Chester Morris Show of Shows
1929 Hobart Bosworth Show of Shows
1929 Alice White Show of Shows
1929 Richard Barthelmess Show of Shows
1929 Louise Fazenda Show of Shows
1929 Ann Sothern Show of Shows
1929 Myrna Loy Show of Shows
1929 Mary Astor Show of Shows
1929 Monte Blue Show of Shows
1929 John Barrymore Show of Shows
1929 Lois Wilson Show of Shows
1929 Loretta Young Show of Shows
1929 H.B. Warner Show of Shows
1929 Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Show of Shows
1929 Noah Beery, Sr. Show of Shows
1929 Jack Buchanan Show of Shows
1928 Cornelius Keefe The Adorable Cheat
1928 Rolfe Sedan The Adorable Cheat
1928 Mae Busch Black Butterflies
1928 Jobyna Ralston Black Butterflies
1928 Carl Stockdale The Black Pearl
1928 Harrison Ford Just Married
1928 Bryant Washburn Little Bit of Heaven
1928 Boris Karloff The Little Wild Girl
1928 Lucien Littlefield The Man in Hobbles
1928 Cornelius Keefe The Thunder God
1928 Wesley Barry Top Sergeant Mulligan
1928 Cornelius Keefe You Can't Beat the Law
1927 George Irving One Increasing Purpose
1927 Josef Swickard One Increasing Purpose
1927 Edmund Lowe One Increasing Purpose
1927 Huntly Gordon One Increasing Purpose
1926 Lewis Milestone Fascinating Youth
1926 Thomas Meighan Fascinating Youth
1926 Clara Bow Fascinating Youth
1926 Malcolm St. Clair Fascinating Youth
1926 Richard Dix Fascinating Youth
1926 Lois Wilson Fascinating Youth
1926 Thelma Todd Fascinating Youth
1926 Charles "Buddy" Rogers Fascinating Youth
1926 Adolphe Menjou Fascinating Youth
1926 Percy Marmont Fascinating Youth
1926 Paul Kelly The New Klondike
1926 Thomas Meighan The New Klondike
1925 Thomas Meighan Coming Through
1925 Wallace Beery Coming Through
1925 Bela Lugosi Midnight Girl
1925 Charles Sellon Old Home Week
1925 Thomas Meighan Old Home Week
1924 James Kirkwood Another Man's Wife
1924 Wallace Beery Another Man's Wife
1924 Matt Moore Another Man's Wife
1924 Madge Bellamy Love's Whirlpool
1924 James Kirkwood Love's Whirlpool
1924 Eugene Pallette Wandering Husbands
1924 James Kirkwood Wandering Husbands
1923 ZaSu Pitts Hollywood
1923 Pola Negri Hollywood
1923 Owen Moore Hollywood
1923 Jack Pickford Hollywood
1923 Mary Pickford Hollywood
1923 Anna Q. Nilsson Hollywood
1923 Thomas Meighan Hollywood
1923 Cecil B. DeMille Hollywood
1923 Lois Wilson Hollywood
1923 Bryant Washburn Hollywood
1923 May McAvoy Hollywood
1923 Ford Sterling Hollywood
1923 Gloria Swanson Hollywood
1923 Ricardo Cortez Hollywood
1923 Betty Compson Hollywood
1923 J. Warren Kerrigan Hollywood
1923 Mary Astor Hollywood
1923 Viola Dana Hollywood
1923 Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle Hollywood
1923 Jack Holt Hollywood
1923 Bess Flowers Hollywood
1923 Noah Beery, Sr. Hollywood
1923 Leatrice Joy Hollywood
1923 Alan Hale Hollywood
1923 Cyril Ring Homeward Bound
1923 Thomas Meighan The Ne'er-Do-Well
1923 George O'Brien The Ne'er-Do-Well
1923 Mary Astor Woman-Proof
1923 Louise Dresser Woman-Proof
1923 Thomas Meighan Woman-Proof
1923 George O'Brien Woman-Proof
1923 John St. Polis Woman-Proof
1923 Charles Sellon Woman-Proof
1922 Thomas Meighan Back Home and Broke
1922 Cyril Ring Back Home and Broke
1922 Rudolph Valentino Blood and Sand
1922 Alan Hale The Dictator
1922 Wallace Reid The Dictator
1922 Noah Beery, Sr. Ebb Tide
1922 Jacqueline Logan Ebb Tide
1922 James Kirkwood Ebb Tide
1922 Raymond Hatton Ebb Tide
1922 John Farrell MacDonald The Ghost Breaker
1922 Wallace Reid The Ghost Breaker
1922 Alan Hale One Glorious Day
1922 Will Rogers One Glorious Day
1922 Lucien Littlefield Rent Free
1922 Wallace Reid Rent Free
1922 Jack Holt Trip To Paramountown
1922 Rudolph Valentino Trip To Paramountown
1922 Cecil B. DeMille Trip To Paramountown
1922 Bebe Daniels Trip To Paramountown
1922 Tom Moore Trip To Paramountown
1922 Marion Davies Trip To Paramountown
1922 Betty Compson Trip To Paramountown
1922 Alice Brady Trip To Paramountown
1922 Wallace Reid Trip To Paramountown
1922 Conrad Nagel Trip To Paramountown
1922 Theodore Roberts Trip To Paramountown
1922 Thomas Meighan Trip To Paramountown
1922 May McAvoy Trip To Paramountown
1922 Wanda Hawley Trip To Paramountown
1922 Leatrice Joy Trip To Paramountown
1922 William C. DeMille Trip To Paramountown
1922 Milton Sills Trip To Paramountown
1922 Gloria Swanson Trip To Paramountown
1921 Edward Sutherland $1 A Year Man
1921 Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle $1 A Year Man
1921 Jack Holt After the Show
1921 Wallace Reid The Charm School
1921 Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle Crazy to Marry
1921 Lucien Littlefield Crazy to Marry
1921 Thomas Meighan The Easy Road
1921 Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle Gasoline Gus
1920 Lois Wilson Midsummer Madness
1920 Jack Holt Midsummer Madness
1920 Conrad Nagel Midsummer Madness
1920 Russell Powell The Soul of Youth
1919 Theodore Roberts Hawthorne of the USA
1919 Guy Oliver Hawthorne of the USA
1919 Wallace Reid Hawthorne of the USA
1919 Harrison Ford Hawthorne of the USA
1919 Tully Marshall Hawthorne of the USA
1919 Thomas Meighan Male and Female
1919 Guy Oliver Male and Female
1919 Wesley Barry Male and Female
1919 Raymond Hatton Male and Female
1919 Bebe Daniels Male and Female
1919 Gloria Swanson Male and Female
1919 Theodore Roberts Male and Female
1919 Richard Rosson The Secret Garden
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