Like Dandelion Dust Synopsis
A boy's birth parents initiate a custody battle with their son's adoptive family.
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Like Dandelion Dust Captivates Completely

By AngelaCinema
Very few films present the dilemma present in this film. Do you root for the good guys or the bad guys? Who are the bad guys? Are they really bad? Can they be better? Tossing predictable dramatic...


By movie_wacko
Surprisingly, wonderful!! Was reluctant to see the movie, thought it would be depressing...NO WAY...very moving and had a great message---Loved it..Acting, exceptional....Everyone of the people in...

Like Dandelion Dust

By cherylmadams
A tear-jerker that makes you think. A wonderful story about adoption, and struggling to do what is right for the child and about growing as a person. For once, a movie that did not ruin the book....

Brilliant Production

By CleanMovieLover
I loved LIKE DANDELION DUST! The story line was very real and very sad at times ~ get ready to have your heart strings pulled on a bit ~ There were times that I felt for both families and could not...

Like Dandelion Dust

By lilnana
The movie was excellent. All 9 of us that went gave it a top rating. It was an exceptional movie with a great point and the actors all did a great job....

Like Dandelion Dust

By jaimelynsherry
Followed story in book closely/little boy did very good acting job/bring tissues/not for children- w/ some intense emotional situations/fuzzy picture...

like Dandelion Dust

By maryedward
We loved the movie. Having gone through a very similar situation, being the adoptive parents who lost a child to the birth parents four years after the fact, was the most devastating event in our...

Five Word Review

By skuhnbook
Gripping plot. Engaging, believable characters....

Five Word Review

By TriciaKingsbury
Excellent! Go See This Movie!...

Like Dandelion Dust - gut wrenching but wonderful!

By mattformusic
It was an accurate and gut wrenching portrayal of the love, joy, and fear that immediately takes over when that precious baby is first placed into your arms. At that moment you give birth to them in...

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Rated PG-13 | For mature thematic material, alcohol abuse and domestic violence
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Common Sense Media says Moving adoption drama tackles alcoholism, family violence.
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