Like Dandelion Dust Captivates Completely

By AngelaCinema
Written September 27, 2010
Very few films present the dilemma present in this film. Do you root for the good guys or the bad guys? Who are the bad guys? Are they really bad? Can they be better? Tossing predictable dramatic fare out the window, Like Dandelion Dust is the story of two families equally invested in the life of one little six-year-old boy. His birth parents want him back, his adoptive parents don't want to lose him. Who should keep him? And how far will each go to prove their love for and capability to care for this young boy? This is a film you can see several times and still find new points of beauty and truth. Career-best performances by the entire cast, especially Mira Sorvino, Barry Pepper and Cole Hauser. Amazing performance by Maxwell Perry Cotton as young Joey.
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By movie_wacko
Written September 29, 2010
Surprisingly, wonderful!! Was reluctant to see the movie, thought it would be depressing...NO WAY...very moving and had a great message---Loved it..Acting, exceptional....Everyone of the people in the movie were exceptional....needs to go big time in theaters.....Wonderful!!!
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Like Dandelion Dust

By cherylmadams
Written October 12, 2010
A tear-jerker that makes you think. A wonderful story about adoption, and struggling to do what is right for the child and about growing as a person. For once, a movie that did not ruin the book.
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Brilliant Production

By CleanMovieLover
Written October 02, 2010
I loved LIKE DANDELION DUST! The story line was very real and very sad at times ~ get ready to have your heart strings pulled on a bit ~ There were times that I felt for both families and could not stand what the child had to endure. The acting was amazing! The script very well written... the show seemed like it was only 30 minutes long, as I was on the edge of my seat the whole time! The filming and editing was very well done! PG-13 is a perfect rating. Definitely wouldn't take younger children. Anyone who has ever been a parent or consider being a parent should see LDD. A lesson to those adopting to be sure their paperwork is in order before moving forward! KUDOS to the Producers for bringing us an intense film without the filthy language and inappropriate bedroom scenes! LIKE DANDELION DUST IS A MUST SEE FILM !
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Like Dandelion Dust

By lilnana
Written October 17, 2010
The movie was excellent. All 9 of us that went gave it a top rating. It was an exceptional movie with a great point and the actors all did a great job.
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