Not a Feel Good Movie

By chaucertale
Written November 11, 2011
Spoiler alerts**. I hate writing this because I love these actors. But don't go to this film if you are looking to feel uplifted by the story of a young couple whose love survives all obstacles. The problem is that you stop rooting for the lovers because they stop rooting for themselves. I do not fault the actors. They all give realistic and honest performances. At the outset you want to root for the couple because they do seem truly in love--soulmates. But after a visa problem keeps them separated, they become emotionally separated by life, work and other love interests. Even marriage to each other does not resolve their problems. And they each enter into extra-martial affairs when work forces them to live on separate continents again. Other love interests are hurt and cast aside and Anna leaves a great job to finally join her husband. But sadly by the time they are together they are so emotionally beaten you leave the theater certain that their love will not last.
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Don't know what all the hype is about

By Lovemovies63
Written November 05, 2011
I went to this movie because of all the buzz it's been getting, and my best friend saw it at Sundance and it was one of her favorites. I was totally disappointed. It's so slow and disjointed, and I failed to ever see the "crazy love" the couple was suppose to have. Like other fan reviews, both characters quickly get involved in other relationships (serious ones, at that), which makes you question how deep and crazy their love for each other really was. I hated the ending. Also, as other reviews said, the man in front of me walked out, and I was almost tempted to the same, but I was hoping and waiting for it to take off, and live up to all the hype. Unfortunatley, it never did, and I feel "Like Stupid" for watching it.
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This movie sucks

By pmann105
Written November 21, 2011
There is no other way to say it. The commercials make it look so great. It looks like the ultimate chick-flick, romantic, tear-jerker, but it left my friends and me feeling confused and that we had just wasted money, The scenes change suddenly without a smooth transition in the story line. (spoiler) It goes from the two of them being together and madly in love to them with other people. It made no sense. I don't know if it was the editing or the writing, but we were confused as to what was going on and had to piece it together, after it was over, to make sense of it. Then, it just ended. It was an awkward scene in the end between the two, and then credits rolled. It had great potential but was just awful.
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Crazy Good

By romantic_movies_buff
Written November 14, 2015
Felicity Jones will break your heart at least once in this movie. I noticed a great deal of blossoming-love sparkle right off the bat, and it lasted between the main characters throughout the entire movie.
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By myka the awesome
Written November 14, 2015
What a twisted whirlwind. This movie takes your myocardial fibers and stretches them violently in all directions for the entire duration of the film. It transcends all language, age, and gender barriers and rips them all to pieces until all you have is raw, unadulterated love story that just hits you square in the jaw. Anyone in a long distance relationship has to see this. Ouch.
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