Jobyna Ralston and Margaret Livingston play actresses touring with a "Topsy & Eva" act. In Chicago, they meet and flirt with a couple of cowboys, Lee (Robert Frazer) and Cuth Stewart (Guinn "Big Boy" Williams). By their third meeting, the brothers are ready propose, but the girls leave unexpectedly and with the boys' money. Back in Utah, the Stewart brothers are attempting to catch the legendary wild stallion Lightning when they encounter the two actresses, whose airplane has run out of fuel. The boys "kidnap" "Topsy" and "Little Eva," forcing them to work on their ranch. The girls escape and almost perish in the desert, but they are once again rescued by Lee and Cuth, whom they now have come to love. Based on a short story by Zane Grey, Lightning was an uneasy mix of show business hi-jinks and outdoors adventure. A former leading lady to Harold Lloyd, brunette Jobyna Ralston played the ingénue in the epic World War I romance Wings that same year, and later married her leading man, Richard Arlen. ~ Hans J. Wollstein, Rovi

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