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Life of Pi

By barbmims55
Written November 23, 2012
Life of Pi was a very interesting and thought provoking movie. It kept me going throughout the whole story. I enjoyed how the relationship of Pi and the Tiger finally became peaceful. This is a must see movie.
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Will not disappoint

By rweathers1
Written May 22, 2017
Life of Pi was amazing - beyond being a great story thanks to author Yaan Martel, the movie was simply great cinematography, sound effects, editing and vivid pictures, color and scenery. It was surprising to see how closely the movie followed the book. Cannot wait to see the movie again in 3D!
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LIfe of PI

By jbarr004
Written February 07, 2016
The movie was excellent. Especially the ending. I just wish I would have been able to watch the 3D version as there were a few scenes which would have been spectacular in 3D.
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pretty good

By mrsiriusburke
Written November 26, 2012
I wouldn't take young children to see this as there is implication and talk of animal and human death which can be quite intense for some children. However it was fairly accurate in comparison to the book.
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Magic At Sea

By CinemaSteve
Written August 29, 2016
You will never see another movie like this one. Thought provoking - cinematography is top notch. Richard Parker is a work of art. In the end however this movie is not about a rescue or a tiger or the loss of family - it suggests to take a moment or two - to think about one of Life's Big Questions - what is God's nature? Does He guide us or just let us be with our own free will and capabilities? Hmmm. You decide. See it - you'll be glad you did.
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