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patience with this one

By Friedy
Written February 18, 2013
This is a beautiful movie, told in a very patient way. It is visually breathtaking and you leave taking much of it with you. Even the way you look at the pet in your home will change. A bit long, but settle in and let the story unfold. I didn't rate it a "Must Go!" because it may not be for everyone. My 13 year old son and my elderly mother came along and both were impressed by the film. My son enjoyed analyzing the events in the story and what they might have meant. It definitely incites conversation.
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Life of PI

Written January 15, 2013
My Wife and I went to see the Life Of PI were captivated by many animals used in the setting the color and move by veriety of colors thru the whole movie,and felt sudden rush and moved by the Tigers reactions thru the movie and Biblical story explained by PI A must see Movie.
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Life of Pi

By passey4fun
Written December 24, 2012
I loved this film. It was beautifully acted, with superb cinematography and directing. I think I enjoyed it more because I had read the book, but I've talked to others who haven't read the book and still loved the film. I recommend it to anyone who loves quality movies with interesting and inspiring stories but without lots of violence (except for a few animal scenes), sex and terrible language.
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life of pi

Written December 05, 2012
it was a little tear jerker but i thought it could have used more action but it had a great story you could see it if you like a good storyline but little action
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Visually Stunning, Faithful Adaptation

By dhig
Written January 14, 2013
Beautiful movie. Was worried since the book is so amazing, but Ang Lee pulls it off. I saw it in 2D (my usual preference), but could see how the 3D is probably stunning given the attention to detail in the visuals. Superb acting and special effects. Wife and 10-year old daughter both loved it as well. A must see.
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