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Watched it twice

By yakirtosh
Written August 27, 2016
One of the best movies I've seen. The ah-ha effect is building up slowly and the big AH-HAAA comes right at the end where you least expect it, and completes the whole story to one piece where everything makes sense. There were a couple of scenes with cosmetic "imperfection", where the tiger didn't look as real as it should have but all in all they did an amazing job with the animation. Thru the whole movie you are convinced to be right there, by the boat, watching him struggle to survive and making sense out of everything that has happened (lost of his family, etc). The acting of all actors is top! Ang Lee was able to capture me from beginning to the end. The story is actually so touching that you never look around yourself. Your eyes are glued to the screen from start to end. Humor is planted with care to the precise moment where you'd allow yourself to rest and laugh, then he returns gently back to the drama. This movie is perfection. Thank you
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good but not great...

By nng
Written November 28, 2012
the movie wasn't as great imo as people are saying it to be. yes it is a definite spiritual touches many aspects of spirituality struggling suffering and strife, the elements of growth, asking a higher power or God for help, and turmoils and God's help during these situations. However, the character and presonality development of Pi was still that of some kind of half witted semi ignorant careless type idiot who intelligently does go through his ordeals with thought and matter but not with a lot of heart or soul. his decision to save the tiger seemed mostly a selfish one that would save himself, while he let the other animals die, though he didnt have much of a choice. the cinematography and scenery is pretty but not enough to make a great movie or story. most of the movie is pi stuck on the lifeboat with the tiger and his struggle to survive. its inspirational but also mediocre- still worth going to but wouldnt be able to sit through it twice.
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Faithful to the book

By RandytheMovieFan
Written May 05, 2015
The book is one of my favorites and I was pleased with its translation to the screen. My daughter hadn't read the book and also liked the movie. There's a fair amount of religious discussion, but I never found it preachy or even out of proportion to the basic themes of spirituality and faith. It's a "heavy" movie, so avoid if you're looking for something mindless, but it also has plenty of action and effects to keep the pace exciting.
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I got up and walked out.

By dbryant036
Written May 28, 2016
Ok, I am a movie buff and love science fiction, great animation, a good story line,etc. However, this movie was such a bore. I got up and walked out before the end of the movie. I saw another lady leave in the first 40 minutes. Had they began the interview with PI then stuck to the movie and came back to the interview with Pi at the very end it would have been OK. But they kept cutting back and forth from the interview the Pi to the story. BLAH!
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By martatern
Written July 06, 2013
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