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Life of Pi

By dianelee33176
Written January 19, 2017
The acting and special effects were wonderful. Read the book years ago, so it wasn't as exciting to me as to those who didn't read the book. However, it's a terrific movie. Very real!
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If you loved the book, you will not be disappointed.

By AmyKT
Written August 25, 2016
If there is a wrong note or a misstep in this film, I certainly did not notice it. The script kept true to the book, while the special effects and cinematography brought this incredible story to life with stunning beauty, which is no small feat given the nature of the story. Fantastical elements run seamlessly along side the real, but it is the creation of the tiger is perhaps one of the greatest achievements in film to date. It is impossible to tell when the tiger on screen is an actual tiger or a digitally-created image. Given the artistic talents of the special effects team, this movie could have felt like one long showcase of digital images, but there is somehow a beautiful simplicity to the film. Everything serves to tell the story. The result is a completely satisfying movie experience. I would recommend seeing this one on the big screen in order to fully immerse yourself in the wonder of the world created by Ang Lee.
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It's up to you

By fespus
Written March 22, 2017
This is a beautiful movie with stunning visuals, vivid symbolism and life lessons that are spiritually provoking. It's really one of those glass half full / half empty type of proposals and the viewer will get out of it, what the viewer wants to receive from it. It's different, unusual and truly an accomplishment to have captured and delivered these ideas through film. Good, good stuff.
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Spiritual Life

By filmrat
Written January 02, 2017
to understand this story ... one need to have a bit of understanding of the many "gods" that India has ... a story of a boy growing up living in a country with different many religions/beliefs do Americans have? because of the different beliefs that he was learning growing up and trust in his faith he was able to live through his 227 days stranded at seas. humans are spiritual beings, it doesn't matter whatever names people name their faiths, when your mind is free from money, it tends to revert toward: Living the Life with what you already have, your own self, your spirits. That's it! No tangible things that get your mind stray away from your true self. What's your god? iphone, cars, mansions, fame, drugs, sex?
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Profoundly moving!

By Violet Schwartz
Written October 22, 2016
I went home after this movie contemplating an emotional voyage. The Life of Pi is an epic and soulful story, wrapped with visual projections of the masterful literary work from which the film originates. There are so many intricate details that reoccur in my mind as I reminisce the film. How can one live with oneself after having witnessed the tragic death and disintegration of one's family and livelihood, brutality and murder imposed on one's memory, and one's actions in direct conflict with one's cultural upbringing, even after living through such horrors and physically surviving having been stranded at sea for an inordinate amount of time? The exotically, fantastical story that Pi lives to recount is the very tool he forges during his tragedy to overcome losing everything, most importantly, his own humanity. Where having succeeded to survive physically is immaterial, Pi discovers a manner in which to survive spiritually, in order to reconcile with what has come before him.
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