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lLife of Pi

By toots995
Written January 13, 2013
A strong movie in many ways:cinematography, acting, animation and especially the food for thought. I loved the book and the movie was true to the story and brought it to life. It is not a movie for those who want only fluffy entertainment because it makes you think about life.
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The Life Experience

By richardkurr
Written September 25, 2013
A beautifully made movie. The life of Pi directed by Ang Lee ( based on the book by Yann Martel) The picture and scenes are masterful worthy or surpassing of his previous work such as crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon The story is about the life experience and the search for meaning.
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By Peneflix
Written November 29, 2012
Eleven years ago I read and relished Yann Martel's irresistible, allegorical "Life of Pi"; many pivotal books gradually sink into the vast recesses of one's mind, titles fade, but in this instance Pi's journey sunk its literary teeth into a comfortable corner of my memory; took up permanent residence, and in gratitude to Ang Lee's profoundly beautiful, visual production, a substantive, realistic vibrancy emerges as the tale unfolds... "Life of Pi" is a technological jewel: impeccable, magical cinematography (Claudio Miranda); 3-D intensely engaging, the viewer is embraced by nature's ferocity and enchantment. Underwater and celestial sequences, positively pregnant with the wizardry of man's imagination and skill... FIVE STARS!!!!! ***For full review please visit peneflix(dot)com!!!
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good but not great...

By nng
Written November 28, 2012
the movie wasn't as great imo as people are saying it to be. yes it is a definite spiritual touches many aspects of spirituality struggling suffering and strife, the elements of growth, asking a higher power or God for help, and turmoils and God's help during these situations. However, the character and presonality development of Pi was still that of some kind of half witted semi ignorant careless type idiot who intelligently does go through his ordeals with thought and matter but not with a lot of heart or soul. his decision to save the tiger seemed mostly a selfish one that would save himself, while he let the other animals die, though he didnt have much of a choice. the cinematography and scenery is pretty but not enough to make a great movie or story. most of the movie is pi stuck on the lifeboat with the tiger and his struggle to survive. its inspirational but also mediocre- still worth going to but wouldnt be able to sit through it twice.
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It's not THAT good.

By the_ordinary_critic
Written November 30, 2012
It's not THAT good, please. And NO it isn't this year's AVATAR, what an insult. This film isn't as creative nor mind-blowing, and if' we're simply talking effects, loooooong shot! BUT, this film isn't bad, in fact its quite entertaining. It's spiritual and does tug at your emotions. Acting was excellent. Effects were great - by that I mean it blended well in the film - there's nothing "revolutionary" about them, and that does mean it's a great combination. My opening paragraph is just a retort all all these comparative marketing fluff that "someone" throws out there, setting false perceptions and/or expectations. Life of PI stands on its own. It doesn't need to be billed as an "Avatar". It isn't, not meant to be, nor even in the same genre. Enjoy it for its uplifting message, great acting and cinematography.
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