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good but not great...

By nng
Written November 28, 2012
the movie wasn't as great imo as people are saying it to be. yes it is a definite spiritual touches many aspects of spirituality struggling suffering and strife, the elements of growth, asking a higher power or God for help, and turmoils and God's help during these situations. However, the character and presonality development of Pi was still that of some kind of half witted semi ignorant careless type idiot who intelligently does go through his ordeals with thought and matter but not with a lot of heart or soul. his decision to save the tiger seemed mostly a selfish one that would save himself, while he let the other animals die, though he didnt have much of a choice. the cinematography and scenery is pretty but not enough to make a great movie or story. most of the movie is pi stuck on the lifeboat with the tiger and his struggle to survive. its inspirational but also mediocre- still worth going to but wouldnt be able to sit through it twice.
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Very good, but wouldn't call it excellent.

By CaniculaBlack
Written April 27, 2015
Overall, I thought it was a very good movie, but I also feel I would have liked it a lot better if I hadn't read the book. So if you haven't read it, absolutely go see this film. If you have, I still recommend it, but not as highly. The acting was superb and the visual effects were simply stunning. There were times I had a hard time distinguishing CG from reality. And, for the most part, they did a good job of converting the book into a movie, which is always tricky. While I didn't like some of the changes about Pi's life in India, I could understand the purpose, and they handled it reasonably well. But the changes to the story on the lifeboat really bothered me. Some of the most dramatic scenes in the book were changed/removed to make room for dramatic scenes that didn't happen. More importantly, it drastically changed Pi's relationship with Richard Parker, making the story more heartwarming and less realistic. To me, the realism is what made the book so utterly compelling. 4/5 stars.
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Faithful to the book

By RandytheMovieFan
Written May 05, 2015
The book is one of my favorites and I was pleased with its translation to the screen. My daughter hadn't read the book and also liked the movie. There's a fair amount of religious discussion, but I never found it preachy or even out of proportion to the basic themes of spirituality and faith. It's a "heavy" movie, so avoid if you're looking for something mindless, but it also has plenty of action and effects to keep the pace exciting.
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By martatern
Written July 06, 2013
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Nice story of survival and companionship

By buffetfan1102
Written August 29, 2015
This is a nice story of a boy who survivals a terribel ordeal. Scary yet powerful. It is a fantasy but well told. I did not read the book so don't know how close it is. I enjoyed this movie
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