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A little Dissapointing

By movielover2240
Written November 22, 2012
This movie has a good moral, with an interesting life of the boy, Pi, but there is a lot of voilence with the animals when their stranded in the boat, for a young child to see. Overall this movie is OK, but including the violence seen, I'll say it's a no.
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Life of Pi

By kotahluvsme03
Written July 29, 2015
I really enjoy movies that have all animals as well as a life story. I loved how much that Pi went threw and was still able to make it through with a positive attitude. I laughed and cried, but of course I am a huge sap for things that are very emotional. I would recommend this movie to others. As well as buy this movie when it comes out on DVD.
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Spectacular filmmaking

By findmeamovie
Written April 24, 2017
I saw this film a few weeks ago, and I am still thinking about it now. Dazzling cinematography. Do spend the money to see it in 3D, as there are a few neat tricks that wouild otherwise be missed. Go see the movie also for the spiritual journey and the spiritual metaphors.
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Love, love, loved it!

Written April 25, 2017
Beautifully done - this is a very rare filim in that it is as unique as it is interesting. Very refreshing to see something new and fresh at the cinema. The scenery is fabulous!
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Life of Pi

By frscouture
Written August 26, 2016
This is great movie ! The story is captivating and the writing is rue to the wonderful novel by Yann Perreau. The acting is superb, specially the indian actors are remarquable. Some reminescence of Slum Dog Millionaire... The scenery and the animals are all noticeable, and the special effects do not look like special effects. BRAVO Ang Lee and Yann Perreau. EN ROUTE toards Oscar night !
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