life of pi 3d

By neon tetra
Written November 24, 2012
very good not too long, not too short excellent movie representation of the book saw it right after i read the book; i think that made the movie better for me
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Visually Stunning, but...

By mpop-animefreak
Written November 22, 2012
It wasn't very good in my opinion. It worked sort of like a documentary. I think it's aimed at people more religious than me... 'Cause, I think, the polt was based around seeing the workings of God. Anyways, I found it rather boring, but the 3D effects were crisp and the scenes were beautiful (the only good point I found). I could see it being a great photobook, but the movie was much too slow and it wasn't very interesting to me. I don't recommend this to any children; I'm sure they will be as easily bored as I was, but older adults may find it more interesting. I don't know. P.S. the commercials make it look way cooler than it is. They basically show the only action parts, and they aren't as exciting in the movie because of the slow build up. I was very disappointed...
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Life of Pi

By Frances Scott
Written January 23, 2013
Couldn't hold back the tears on the sad parts, but then there was a great uplift throughout the story bringing as many smiles as there were tears. Loved it!! Will certainly buy to add to my collection of classics.
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Life of Pi is outstanding

By wiley285
Written November 23, 2012
My family went to see Life of Pi last night. Four of the 5 of us had read the book; me just having finished it a week ago. The movie is all that I had hoped it would be - and then some. It's true to the book (what a great job of choosing which parts to include or exclude). The cinematography is great and the acting hits the right notes. The 3D was effective, though I suspect the movie would have been just as good without the 3D. We all loved it, even my 13-year-old who hadn't read the book.
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Too long, dragged at the end

By chuckp232
Written December 24, 2012
Yes, there are a lot of messages in this film.....if you can pick up on that type of thing. 'Richard Parker', the computer generated tiger is definitely 'alive' in the film. The other graphics are well done. The story drags and I kept wondering how much longer would the film continue. Glad when it ended. Not sure if kids under 12 (?) would enjoy it.
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