Great movie with a great message!

By KevinonHeaven
Written November 23, 2012
This movie was awesome - excellent acting, stunning cinematography and visuals, and a depth of content rarely seen in today's movies. That said, we attended with our 12 year old biys and they thorughly enjoyed the movie as well. A must-see this holiday season!
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By KrisFilmPro
Written November 27, 2015
I will never think of animals or creatures of the sea in the same way since seeing this amazing, mesmerizing film. Slow to start, this intense film builds to an incredible finish of mythic proportions. This is not just a story about human endurance, but an exploration of the nature of God and the individual's place in the universe.
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Life of Pi - Visually Spectacular and Spiritually Moving

By thompsonick
Written July 29, 2015
Life of Pi employs visual spectacle to convey Pi's emotional (and sometimes delusional) voyage as castaway in a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger. But this film is much more than visual spectacle. It is spiritually moving. Philosophers in the last two centuries have struggled with how to reconcile humanity's deeply held religious beliefs with the modern sciences, including evolution. I have always believed that the perfect omniscience/omnipotence of God (or Vishnu or Allah) are better exemplified by His designing the "system" (of natural laws) by which life is created and existence progresses, than simply by speaking the world and its creatures into existence. But one question has always plagued adherents to this idea: Why would God create this (natural and scientific) system but tell humans fantastical stories of creation? Life of Pi answers: Because the fantastical story is better than the real, gritty and tragic one.
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Life of Pi

By DavidMuni
Written August 05, 2015
I went to see Pi because of the great reviews I've heard about the cinematography. Not being familiar with the book, I was more or less expecting a Disney type family film. Boy was I wrong. While the movie was visually spectacular, the story itself was equally incredible. Being quite an animal lover, some of the scenes were really disturbing. I'm not sure this movie would be appropriate for younger children. I guess visually stunning, great story-line, and disturbing action sequences are all one could hope for in one film. Also, I'm not a fan of 3-D movies but I wouldn't recommend seeing this one any other way. A must see.
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No Lyin'

By bluz4lu84
Written May 05, 2015
One of those special films where the credits start to roll and nobody gets up. I read this book and felt it would be very hard to film so I was very appreciative of Ang Lee;s treatment. Saw it in 3D, though that is I'm sure not necessary. The cinematography is incredible. If this film doesn't win Oscars, I'm having truble speculating what will.
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