By elizabethdesign2007
Written May 25, 2016
I was so excited for this movie but sorry to say it was not worth it, and definitely not worth watching in 3D. If all the unnecessary filler was cut, it would be 30 minutes, not 2 hours. In no way was this movie 'the next Avatar'. I was expecting a visual feast. The CGI in the clips edited for the trailers were absolutely beautiful. I was expecting to see many more breathtaking moments but I did not. The trailers showed all the scenes that were worth watching, and besides those few minutes, it was a big fat bore. There was way too much narration, it was way too slow, and the ending never ended but, at the same time seemed like an afterthought. They should have ended with the tiger walking into the jungle, or integrated the ending human story into the animal story. For example, utilizing flashback scenes when Pi explains what happened with his mother and the cook, would have made it flow with the style of rest of the film. Underwhelmed.
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Life of Pi

By Frank X
Written April 30, 2016
What a cool movie! Not quite 3D mandatory, but the CGI was absolutely marvelous. The plot caught me off guard, adding to the circumference of the story (and the fun of watching it on the big screen).
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Life of Pi is outstanding

By wiley285
Written September 01, 2016
My family went to see Life of Pi last night. Four of the 5 of us had read the book; me just having finished it a week ago. The movie is all that I had hoped it would be - and then some. It's true to the book (what a great job of choosing which parts to include or exclude). The cinematography is great and the acting hits the right notes. The 3D was effective, though I suspect the movie would have been just as good without the 3D. We all loved it, even my 13-year-old who hadn't read the book.
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Not what I was hoping for.

By cwlangley
Written September 29, 2016
Maybe it's because of the hype of the advertising, or maybe because of the comparisons being made to "AVATAR", but after paying to go see "LIFE OF PI" on opening weekend, I have to say I came away somewhat disappointed. When I go to see a movie, I'm going for an entertainment experience. I'm looking to be excited. I'm looking to feel a sense of wonder. I'm not looking to have the movie trying to shove a message into my brain such as "YOU WILL BELIEVE IN GOD!" I felt like I was watching a commercial for religion made by a combination of Hindus, Muslims, and Tea Party Republicans. I can't say that I enjoyed this movie as much as I had hoped that I would. The ending is rather flat and uneventful. Maybe if you've read the book it is based upon, you'd have a better understanding of what is trying to be conveyed by the movie, but I found it ridiculous and poorly put together and just really did not feel I got my money's worth, even though I used a discounted ticket.
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By ryanoray
Written December 06, 2016
I heard of the book and knew not a whole lot about it. Was I incredibly surprised. This movie is just flat out incredible. It moved me, and has still has me thinking, and even feeling the movie, afterwards. Many have posted good summaries here and I'll just say that you have to see this film to really experience it. I'm surprised it is not doing better at the box office - it deserves any movie-goers attention to be seen on the big screen.
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