Magical story -- Wonderful family movie

By laura chelsea
Written July 01, 2016
Great adaptation of a fabulous book, entertaining and satisfying for audiences of all ages. Top quality performances, including the animal cast, that transport the viewer to a world of magical realism. The story and the beautiful production makes us wonder about reality vs fantasy, the meaning of life and the power of the human spirit to survive, having a lasting and profound impact. We and our grand kids and us could not stop talking about it!
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Nice to look at but...

By HoodCritic1
Written May 03, 2016
There were setbacks to this movie. "Life of Pi," is visually gorgeous which is an identifiable trait of Ang Lee's style but the story of the film just doesn't measure up to the film's on-screen beauty. What does measure up though is the tense appeal of the drama in the film. This movie thrives off the dramatic tension between Pi and Richard Parker. Whether it is adversarial or sentimental, the two characters just deliver intensity whenever one or both is on the screen. The movie has amazing visual effects and that will appeal very well to the audience. The 3D also augments this visual appeal amazingly. This is a great coming-of-age drama but there are moments when the movie just lags. Screenwriter David Magee does a nice job creating the blueprint for Ang Lee to build the world this fantastical journey takes place but there are moments when there is disconnect and abstract symbolism leaves audiences scratching their heads."Life of Pi" is a good movie. More could have been done with it.
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Go see it. Leave younger kids home.

By onegramaww
Written June 29, 2016
I went with my teenage son and his girl friend to see this movie. I had not read the book, but after watching the movie, I think I'll buy the book! It began slowly, and I worried that the teens would think it was boring. I had read other reviews that mentioned the film is "very religious". I didn't find that to be true. Although the lead characters had tried many different faiths in his lifetime. But it wasn't shoved down my throat in the movie. I was surprised at the ending. It really sticks with you. Makes you think. When it was over, I looked at the kids and asked "well,what did you think?" The gf loved it! My son, wants to buy it on DVD when it comes out. I really didn't expect them to understand it, but in talking in the car on the way home, they really did get it! But, I will say, my son is a deep thinker. A, not-the-norm kinda kid. He's an artist, so the cinematography appealed to him. The scenes were so beautiful at some moments. GO see it. Bring your intelligent teens.
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By fdlcm
Written July 26, 2016
This movie was wonderful. The 3D made it seem like you were there with Pi in the life boat. The deeper meaning of the movie would be lost on children and some parts were too intense for my 7 year old Granddaughter. She and the 10 yo both loved it though. I enjoyed it thoroughly and am planning to read the book.
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By Autumn820
Written July 24, 2016
Amazing movie! Never read the book, so I truly had no idea what to expect other than what the TV commercials had shown....which peaked my interest. I am so glad that I went and saw it in 3D. The cinematography was amazing! It's a story of survival; both mentally and physically and makes you think how you would be able to handle such a horrific situation. Great lesson learned. Go see it, I don't think you will be disappointed.
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