This Movie is Beautiful!

By AnastasiaG
Written March 28, 2016
This is one of my most favorite movies of all time and it was very deserving of the Oscars that it earned. I would say there were at least two or three scenes that just made me cry and I don't cry very easily during movies anymore. I think what was most moving about this story was the depth of the father's love for his family. I could not imagine having to bring up a child in the midst of a war going on. If you have not seen this movie, it is a reminder of the horrors of history and a celebration of life. They say the only way to prevent history from repeating itself is to remember the mistakes that were made. So, rent this movie but by all means have a large box of tissue handy while you enjoy this masterpiece. P.S. I am not sure how appropriate it is for younger children. An older child would benefit from the history lesson but some concentration camp scenes may be frightening.
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An awesome movie on a difficult subject

By TheSimiValleyMovieMom
Written September 15, 2012
Life Is Beautiful is a tender, well produced movie that tackles a story where there is no beauty and no joy - the holocaust. In an attempt to protect his son, this father will go to great lengths to keep him from understanding all the horrors surrounding him. Realistic? Probably not, but at that time in his life-what did you he to lose? If you haven't seen this movie, you should. Bring a tissue because it is beautiful, and sad, and loving. Also-it may be subtitled. :-) If this one is subtitled, the words are few-you really don't need them.
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One Of My Favorites

By tulux76
Written April 21, 2008
It had an ingenious mixture of comedy and tragedy. You really sympathize with the characters in this poignant satire.
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A movie of all emotions

By pvsudhir20
Written April 11, 2016
A movie of all emotions Sekhar Kammula style movie.. Laugh - fun - silence - cry - happy ending
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Fall in love with Roberto

By cheescake77
Written August 09, 2009
And you think you have it tough! This movie is perfection. I draw on this movie for real life inspiration. This movie has changed my life.
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