A compelling snapshot of the lives and loves of early-21st Century Dubai dwellers takes viewers on an emotional journey through the heart of the city in director Anurag Basu's earnest urban drama. Rahul (Sharman Joshi) is a call center executive who silently pines for his beautiful boss Neha, but the secret to Neha's fast success is the furtive romance she has been having with her own boss - an unhappily married professional named Ranjeet. Ranjeet has grown bored with his marriage to the smart and beautiful Shikha, and despite the fact that the couple has a six year-old son Ranjeet is willing to risk it all to shower Neha with lavish gifts and enticing opportunities. Back in school, Shikha was a better student than Ranjeet, but when the couple had a son she put her professional aspirations aside in order to care for the child. These days Shikha, too, has grown bored with her marriage, and soon falls into the arms of divorced artist Akash despite the pride she has taken in her vow to always remain faithful. In another part of town, Shikha's aunt Vaijanti bides her time in an old age home. When Vaijanti's childhood sweetheart Amol returns to India after forty years in exile to spend his remaining years with her, old love blossoms anew. Shikha's sister and Neha's roommate Shruti is a thirty-something radio producer named Shruti who has fallen hard for radio talent Wishy K. Though she has recently met marriage-minded Debu though a matrimonial-oriented website, she is bored by his traditional ways and soon enters into a heated affair with the charismatic Wishy K. As Rahul realizes the potential for profit and advancement in lending the key to his vacationing uncle's apartment to co-workers seeking to have discreet flings, Neha approaches Ranjeet about making a true commitment. Carelessly snubbed and insulted by her high-powered lover, Neha attempts suicide in Rahul's uncle's apartment. Later, when Rahul discovers Neha in the love nest and nurses her back to health, the pair begins to form a tenuous bond. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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