Sparring Opposites Come together Romantic Comedy

By critcallyme
Written October 13, 2010
This movie provided a lot of laughs and a few tears. The chemestry between Kathrine & Josh was good. Melissa McCarthy (from Gilmore Girls) was great in her supporting role as one of the over the top neighbors. It is about two polar opposites that are best friends to a couple that get killed in a car crash who leave these two as co-guardians of their baby. They have to put aside their constant bickering and dislike for one another to try to be there for the baby. After the tears of losing their best friends pass the parenthood jokes begin. Anyone who has or work with children will appreciate a few of these. Messer (Josh's character) has to make a decision between the new family they have made or his career. It is light hearted for the most part. There is no excessive language in this comedy unlike some of the comedy releases of late.
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My Wife Loves the Josh

By The Tobemann
Written October 09, 2010
Wife and I LOVED this movie. Laughed, cried. Lots of eye candy for the ladies, which is great for the gents...later. Pacing was great, acting was great, especially the babysitter. She stole every scene, and we wished there were more scenes with her in them. Nice to see Lucas working again. Great all around movie for a date with your wife or girlfriend. Believe me, guys won't be thinkin it's all lame, and girls...well, frickin A, it's got Josh struttin' around in his boxer briefs, so what more do you need? I'd go see it again and then by the DVD.
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Charming move, a must see!

By sienna08
Written October 11, 2010
I loved this movie, great characters and actors! It was very sweet and engaging, well written and adorable. A lot of romantic comedies (like The Ugly Truth uhem) are getting too gross with their humor (or painfully predictable and contrived like Letters to Juliet). While the story could be conceived as predictable I was still engaged in the story and cared about the characters. To me this is just simple good writing, it seems to be lacking in so many movies these days.
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Life As We Know It

By craziecat
Written October 13, 2010
This movie had a little bit of everything. Funny, sad, love and hate, all mixed into one movie. I really liked it alot. The only thing that would have made it better is if the sad parts had a little more depth to them.
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Better than I expected

By suemarie
Written October 15, 2010
A movie about a couple who inherit a baby when their friends are killed. The lead actors are very likable, and the baby is so adorable. How many takes must they have to get the reaction they want from the baby? I'm glad I didn't listen to the critics. If you like an easy, funny and touching movie , see it. Good for all ages.
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