Viva el Libertador!!!

By redronin7
Written November 07, 2014
Just saw this film and was genuinely moved by Edgar Ramire'z channeling of Simon Bolivar's spirit, passion, his vision of a united, liberated, and independent south America. What the film lacked in exciting epic battles it made up for it in exciting stimulating political social ideological content which is what mainstream films severely lack. Although I also enjoyed the images of Bolivar leading a small ragtag army of native warriors, ex african slaves, and mixed lower class people that grew into a coalition adding disgruntled nationalists and a foreign battalion of supportive irishmen.
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The man with a powerful dream for America!!

By ncsinorlandofl
Written November 03, 2014
Extraordinary!! Must watch!!
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Absolutly astonishing!!

By Efro-Wan-Kenobi
Written November 03, 2014
Acting, scenery, script and the music OMG!!! What a great story and informative too! Oscar in my book!
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Very Original, a must see movie

By JhoanChacon
Written November 03, 2014
the history of our Libertador Simon Bolivar is very extensive but the creators of this movie have made an excellent work with a different and very interesting ending.
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A true master piece...

By aemv
Written October 11, 2014
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