Le Week-end Synopsis
A British couple return to Paris many years after their honeymoon there in an attempt to rejuvenate their marriage.
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New York Observer

By Rex Reed
They are two intelligent, sophisticated people searching for the spicy condiment they need to keep their relationship fresh during a...
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The Playlist

By Gabe Toro
Michell’s handling of the relationship between the two is touching in how little judgment he passes.
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By Susan Wloszczyna
When Michell is on his game, as he definitely is with Le Week-End, he unearths small, invaluable and even profound truths about the human...
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New York Post

By Lou Lumenick
Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan are superb as the couple, who use the occasion to drop bombs on each other.
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New York Daily News

By Joe Neumaier
A smart, ardent, profound movie.
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Time Out London

By Dave Calhoun
It’s lightly played, often very funny and shot all over Paris with energy and wit, and boosted by superb, inquiring turns from Broadbent...
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Time Out New York

By Joshua Rothkopf
Make room for the modest but affecting pleasures of veteran actors tearing into the subject of golden-years resignation.
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By Dennis Harvey
Bittersweet, charming yet often very thorny.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By David Rooney
The film is imbued with an engaging mix of warmth and prickliness by the lovely, lived-in performances of Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan.
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Chicago Sun-Times

By Bill Stamets
This late adulthood lark is a treat.
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Le Weekend

By rcroft4
I thought this was going to be more of a romantic comedy but the wife in this movie is actually really mean. Then it just ends with no resolution of anything. Not much to this movie....

better to get two hours of sleep

By fannn
You know how they say a movie can grow on you ? Well, they are right. This movie grew so that I ended up despising it. So boring and pretentious it was, with nothing to say. It was hard to hear...

Not for Wolf of Wall Street Fans

By pbpbpbpb
If you are looking to find a film that is not filled with excesses of today's Hollywood, this is for you. Intelligent witty dialogue set in Paris. What more can you ask for? A portrait of a...


By fgs1
The acting was top notch, but the thread wasn't really believable; not that a film needs to be. Despite the title and the glittery Eiffel Tower ostensibly placed in the background, the crux of the...

The worst film ever !!

By ernest.wilder
We remembered Lindsay Duncan in "A Year in Provence" -- great film; she had an excellent performance. This film, however, is possibly one of the most nonsensical, boring masterpieces of all time, and...

Didn't hang together at all.

By Bonnlee
I thought the movie was really negative and not at all a light, fluffy romantic comedy. The characters were not very likable especially the wife. It dragged along many times and I kept thinking...

Le Week-end - A Disappointing Waste of Time...so sad

By lionz
This film COULD HAVE BEEN terrific but it shouldn't HAVE BEEN MADE. The actors gave it their best but my husband and I had NO idea just what the "point" of the film really was. The acting was good...

Le Weekend

By ejeffs
Nice movie mixed with humor, sadness using Paris as a backdrop...how bad can that be. Well written, well acted and a refreshing change from the over the top Hollywood films we are inundated with in...

Le Weekend Scores

By jkbinney
Having lived a dozen years in Paris, I found the film charming, funny, unexpected, complex, layered. Great acting on the part of everyone! -- Judith...

Le Week-end

By ferris01
This film strongly resonates with the generic reality of older couples who have been together for many years. And the acting is truly sublime....

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