Lew Cody
Date of Birth
Feb 22, 1884
Birth Place:
Berlin, New Hampshire

Worked With

Year Name Title
1934 ZaSu Pitts Private Scandal
1934 Charles Sellon Private Scandal
1934 Ned Sparks Private Scandal
1934 Mary Brian Private Scandal
1934 Ann Sheridan Shoot the Works
1934 Alison Skipworth Shoot the Works
1934 Jack Oakie Shoot the Works
1934 Roscoe Karns Shoot the Works
1934 William Frawley Shoot the Works
1934 Bobby Watson Wine, Women, and Song
1934 Lilyan Tashman Wine, Women, and Song
1933 Sally O'Neil By Appointment Only
1933 Grant Mitchell I Love That Man
1933 Nancy Carroll I Love That Man
1933 Edmund Lowe I Love That Man
1933 Belle Mitchell I Love That Man
1933 Walter Walker I Love That Man
1933 Robert Armstrong I Love That Man
1933 Dorothy Burgess I Love That Man
1933 Frank LaRue Sitting Pretty
1933 Frank S. Hagney Sitting Pretty
1933 Fuzzy Knight Sitting Pretty
1933 Jack Haley Sitting Pretty
1933 Larry Steers Sitting Pretty
1933 Mack Gordon Sitting Pretty
1933 Phil Tead Sitting Pretty
1933 Thelma Todd Sitting Pretty
1933 Walter Walker Sitting Pretty
1933 Ginger Rogers Sitting Pretty
1933 Jack Oakie Sitting Pretty
1933 Russell Powell Sitting Pretty
1933 Dave "Tex" O'Brien Sitting Pretty
1933 Gregory Ratoff Sitting Pretty
1932 Charlie Ruggles 70,000 Witnesses
1932 Johnny Mack Brown 70,000 Witnesses
1932 John Farrell MacDonald 70,000 Witnesses
1932 Guinn "Big Boy" Williams 70,000 Witnesses
1932 Reed Howes 70,000 Witnesses
1932 H.B. Warner The Crusader
1932 Ned Sparks The Crusader
1932 John St. Polis The Crusader
1932 Evelyn Brent The Crusader
1932 Clara Kimball Young File 113
1932 George E. Stone File 113
1932 Jack Oakie Madison Square Garden
1932 Thomas Meighan Madison Square Garden
1932 ZaSu Pitts Madison Square Garden
1932 Gilbert Roland A Parisian Romance
1932 Bryant Washburn A Parisian Romance
1932 Helen Jerome Eddy A Parisian Romance
1932 John Larkin The Tenderfoot
1932 Harry Seymour The Tenderfoot
1932 Joe E. Brown The Tenderfoot
1932 Ginger Rogers The Tenderfoot
1932 Allan Lane The Tenderfoot
1932 Nancy Carroll Under Cover Man
1932 Helen Vinson Under Cover Man
1932 Leyland Hodgson Under Cover Man
1932 Gregory Ratoff Under Cover Man
1932 Roscoe Karns Under Cover Man
1932 George Raft Under Cover Man
1932 Hal Price Under Cover Man
1932 Mischa Auer The Unwritten Law
1932 Hedda Hopper The Unwritten Law
1932 Louise Fazenda The Unwritten Law
1932 Purnell Pratt The Unwritten Law
1932 Mary Brian The Unwritten Law
1931 ZaSu Pitts Beyond Victory
1931 James Gleason Beyond Victory
1931 Walter Walker The Common Law
1931 Hedda Hopper The Common Law
1931 Joel McCrea The Common Law
1931 Constance Bennett The Common Law
1931 William Powell Dishonored
1931 Buddy Roosevelt Dishonored
1931 Warner Oland Dishonored
1931 Marlene Dietrich Dishonored
1931 Davison Clark Dishonored
1931 George Irving Dishonored
1931 Victor McLaglen Dishonored
1931 Ethan Laidlaw Dishonored
1931 Gustav von Seyffertitz Dishonored
1931 Harry Myers Meet the Wife
1931 John Larkin Sporting Blood
1931 Marie Prevost Sporting Blood
1931 Clark Gable Sporting Blood
1931 Ernest Torrence Sporting Blood
1931 Madge Evans Sporting Blood
1931 John Farrell MacDonald Sporting Blood
1931 King Baggot Sweepstakes
1931 Eddie Quillan Sweepstakes
1931 James Gleason Sweepstakes
1931 John Wayne Three Girls Lost
1931 Paul Fix Three Girls Lost
1931 Loretta Young Three Girls Lost
1931 Franklin Farnum Three Rogues
1931 Robert Warwick Three Rogues
1931 Victor McLaglen Three Rogues
1931 Fay Wray Three Rogues
1931 Helen Twelvetrees A Woman of Experience
1931 ZaSu Pitts A Woman of Experience
1931 H.B. Warner A Woman of Experience
1931 Edward Earle A Woman of Experience
1931 Franklin Pangborn A Woman of Experience
1931 Wallace Ford X Marks the Spot
1931 Fred Kohler X Marks the Spot
1930 Gloria Swanson What a Widow!
1930 Owen Moore What a Widow!
1929 Kathlyn Williams A Single Man
1928 Robert Armstrong The Baby Cyclone
1928 Kit Guard Beau Broadway
1928 Douglas Fairbanks Show People
1928 Rod La Rocque Show People
1928 Charles Chaplin Show People
1928 Leatrice Joy Show People
1928 John Gilbert Show People
1928 William Haines Show People
1928 Marion Davies Show People
1928 Norma Talmadge Show People
1928 King Vidor Show People
1928 Claire Windsor Show People
1928 Estelle Taylor Show People
1928 Dorothy Sebastian Show People
1928 Karl Dane Show People
1928 William S. Hart Show People
1928 Mae Murray Show People
1927 Hedda Hopper Adam and Evil
1927 Norma Shearer Demi Bride
1927 Dorothy Sebastian Demi Bride
1927 Dorothy Sebastian On Ze Boulevard
1927 Owen Moore Tea for Three
1927 Phillips Smalley Tea for Three
1927 Dorothy Sebastian Tea for Three
1926 Karl Dane Monte Carlo
1926 ZaSu Pitts Monte Carlo
1926 Harry Myers Monte Carlo
1925 Eleanor Boardman Exchange of Wives
1925 Creighton Hale Exchange of Wives
1925 Karl Dane His Secretary
1925 Norma Shearer His Secretary
1925 Willard Louis His Secretary
1925 Winston Miller Man and Maid
1925 Norma Shearer Slave of Fashion
1925 William Haines Slave of Fashion
1925 Ronald Colman Sporting Venus
1925 Blanche Sweet Sporting Venus
1925 Creighton Hale Time, the Comedian
1925 Mae Busch Time, the Comedian
1924 Josef Swickard Defying the Law
1924 Edmund Lowe Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model
1924 Mae Busch Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model
1924 Hobart Bosworth Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model
1924 Raymond Griffith Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model
1924 Claire Windsor Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model
1924 Lilyan Tashman Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model
1924 George Siegmann Revelation
1924 Monte Blue Revelation
1924 Viola Dana Revelation
1924 Percy Marmont The Shooting of Dan McGrew
1924 Mae Busch The Shooting of Dan McGrew
1924 Nelson McDowell The Shooting of Dan McGrew
1924 George Siegmann The Shooting of Dan McGrew
1924 May McAvoy Three Women
1924 Willard Louis Three Women
1924 Pauline Frederick Three Women
1924 Marie Prevost Three Women
1923 Paul Panzer Jacqueline, or Blazing Barriers
1923 Conrad Nagel Lawful Larceny
1923 Dolores Costello Lawful Larceny
1923 Hedda Hopper Reno
1923 Adolphe Menjou Rupert of Hentzau
1923 Bryant Washburn Rupert of Hentzau
1923 Claire Windsor Rupert of Hentzau
1923 Hobart Bosworth Rupert of Hentzau
1923 Irving Cummings Rupert of Hentzau
1923 Marshall Neilan Souls for Sale
1923 June Mathis Souls for Sale
1923 Raymond Griffith Souls for Sale
1923 Johnny Walker Souls for Sale
1923 Claire Windsor Souls for Sale
1923 Kathlyn Williams Souls for Sale
1923 Florence Vidor Souls for Sale
1923 Blanche Sweet Souls for Sale
1923 Fred Niblo Souls for Sale
1923 King Vidor Souls for Sale
1923 Erich Von Stroheim Souls for Sale
1923 Eleanor Boardman Souls for Sale
1923 William Haines Souls for Sale
1923 Richard Dix Souls for Sale
1923 Hobart Bosworth Souls for Sale
1923 Elliott Dexter Souls for Sale
1923 Charles Chaplin Souls for Sale
1923 Mae Busch Souls for Sale
1923 Bessie Love Souls for Sale
1923 Anna Q. Nilsson Souls for Sale
1923 ZaSu Pitts Souls for Sale
1923 Patsy Ruth Miller Souls for Sale
1923 John St. Polis Souls for Sale
1923 Jack Richardson Souls for Sale
1923 Milton Sills Souls for Sale
1923 Norma Talmadge Within the Law
1922 Montagu Love The Secrets of Paris
1921 Norma Talmadge Sign on the Door
1920 Betty Blythe Occasionally Yours
1919 Rosemary Theby Are You Legally Married?
1919 ZaSu Pitts As the Sun Went Down
1919 Irving Cummings Don't Change Your Husband
1919 Gloria Swanson Don't Change Your Husband
1919 Elliott Dexter Don't Change Your Husband
1919 Theodore Roberts Don't Change Your Husband
1918 Mae Murray The Bride's Awakening
1918 Edgar Kennedy Mickey
1918 Mabel Normand Mickey
1915 Henry King Should a Wife Forgive?
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