Amazing film. Don't miss it.

By petefulton1
Written October 29, 2008
One of the most original vampire films I have seen. Eerie, subversive, provocative. Beautifully shot and acted. I haven't stopped thinking about the movie since I saw it.
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By dukefame
Written October 30, 2008
Fresh! as a fan of dark fiction, one of the best I've seen in a long time.
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Let The Right One In

By murphykid
Written November 18, 2008
Beautifully shot, every scene is perfectly framed and the minimal dialogue allows your mind space to breathe. A cracking re-working of the vampire genre, it's more a love story and one which engrossed me more than any other I've seen in a movie before. There wasn't a thing about this film I disliked. See it before it's legacy is sullied by a sure to be naff US remake
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Best Movie of The Year

By TonyZ
Written February 20, 2009
This was just an incredible movie. The story, the cast, the direction, the editing... all A+. I haven't felt this good leaving a movie theatre in quite some time. I will see it again. Have already bought the DVD, I have to own it.
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The right one to see . . .

By EiEiMcD
Written January 04, 2009
The vampire theme is a brilliant tool in which to create a wonderfully melancholic look at two 12 year-old outsiders that accurately captures the precarious relationships with peers and family at an age on the balance of childhood and adulthood. The cold and dark atmosphere of the movie, instead of creating an unsettling feeling of a horror film (which this is not), actually provided an expected and comfortable frame of mind to watch this quietly astonishing story unfold. It’s a thoughtful film . . . sit through the credits and let it soak in . . . highly recommended . . . see it before it is out of the theaters!
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