Let the Right One In

By lumberjack0125
Written February 26, 2009
A very touching love story set in 1982 Sweden between a 12-year old boy and 12-year-old Vampire. To me this felt like what Twilight should have been. The young actors shine beyond there age and if you rent this on DVD you would be wise to watch it in Swedish with sub-tittles. It's beautifully shot and ever single frame seemed perfectly chosen. What I liked most was that this was not torture porn and most of the time they chose not to glorify the violence. The limited special effects were great and really broke up the drama nicely. If you like vampires or not, check it out.
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Best film of 2008

By FootnotesFaulkner
Written January 17, 2009
A haunting, complex film that has absolutely stayed with me. I've never seen a film that did such an amazing job of capturing just what is it to be an outsider as a child. Quite possibly the best vampire film EVER. Too bad I could only catch it at the Angelika...my LEAST favorite movie theatre in NYC.
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Like poorly done 80's horror? You'll love this.

By 3boys4jmj
Written April 06, 2009
The only scene worth seeing is the pool one. This movie wasn't tight, wasn't off the hook, wasn't in the top 1% of fabulous vampire movies. While it is interesting, and well filmed, I really wouldn't suggest you wasting two hours of your time on this one. It isn't that it's a foreign film, it lacks so much in so many different places. It's predictable and mundane. Twilight is a vampire love story too, but the two are completely different scenarios. Beautifully filmed.
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A flawed but fascinating movie

By Pat
Written November 30, 2008
A really interesting take on the vampire mythos. A little too long, and not without a few plot problems. But well acted and, at times, rather elegantly directed and filmed. I certainly recommend it, for those who like to be asked to think a bit WHILE they're enjoying the gore.
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Very Moving

By suemarie
Written April 20, 2009
This is about a weak 12 yr. old boy that falls in love with a vampire. There is a lot of gore, but the movie is beautiful to look at. Watch it in Swedish and real the captioning. There's not a lot of dialogue.
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