Let the right one in, exceptionnal movie

By Benoit
Written December 01, 2008
Nothing to add, just go and enjoy the beauty of that movie. Main actors (children) are just great. One of the best movie this year.
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Tough Act To Follow!

By Hard2pleez
Written December 02, 2008
Great job by the two young actors. It seemed as though the director gave these talented individuals the freedom to be themselves and it translates on screen as natural chemistry. I was especially impressed with the charisma of the young lady who played the part of Eli who evoked sympathy while playing the role of a creature who kills to survive. One of my favorite foreign film of all time! The deliberately slow paced dialogue and foreign language adds to the beauty of this film. Poetic yet hauntingly great film! Is hauntingly a word? lol.
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By VideoXPG
Written October 29, 2008
”Let The Right One In” proves to be a refreshing and interesting take on a vampire story. Whereas most movies tend to be gore-fest with little characterization, “Let The Right One In” takes what we know about vampires and makes them appear to be relatable human beings. It’s very dark tones involving such young main characters proves to be a very chilling and enjoyable tale.
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Very subtle and great

By briluna
Written November 24, 2008
From the get go you know that you are in for something different, starting with a universal teen angst theme and then casually and very subtly introducing us to the monster that is as sweet as a 12 year old girl. The manner in shich they tackle the old lore and mythos of the vampire is nothing short of brilliant. They don't try to explain it, it simply "is". Showing great depth and heart, the story takes a beautiful turn and delivers an ending you may see coming but could care less. This is a must see, if only to show American horror film makers that a little story is much more horrific than a music video abbatoir...
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Unlike any vampire movie you've seen....

By DVDartist
Written December 06, 2008
This small gem is one of the best vampire movies to come along in quite a while....Part coming-of-age story, part burgeoning love story, part revenge film and, oh yeah, horror movie too.....and it all works beautifully. The cold, winter backdrop only enhances the feel of the film. and the two leads are amazingly good, even more so when you consider they are new to film. One of the best of 2008 by far.
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