Letters from Iwo Jima

By cagalnva
Written February 18, 2007
I thought that it was very interesting to see war from the other side. As the movie reflects that soilders are young and scared of the same thing "death" and not being able to return to their familys and the life that they lived.
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Letters from Buffalo

By maadler922
Written January 29, 2007
Fascinating view from the other side. The build up from the beginning might seem like its dragging, but you need every second of it to get the full flavor of the entire picture. A must see. I look forward to viewing the American perspective in Flags of Our Fathers.
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Beautifully Done

By MongrolMan
Written August 05, 2008
This one is truly touching and beautiful. See it and learn what drama is about.
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Very very Moving

By ForlornSky
Written November 01, 2008
The other side of the battle in Iwo Jima. The acting is top notch, every actor and actres play their parts theo their fullest. The action sequences are just jaw dropping amazing. In my opinion, MUCH better than Flags of our Fathers. Even the subtitiles didn't bother me. Right from the start, you are sucked into the tale of what the Japanese did on their side of the field.
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Letters from Iwo Jima Movie Review

By Asianfreak
Written November 29, 2011
100 out of 100 A powerful experience.
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