this was stoopid funny.....

By rgruszec
Written November 09, 2014
Totally enjoyed the movie. Both guys were very funny.... they totally play off each other.... and the guy from Key & Peele was the "cherry on top." I gotta say that it didn't make a lot of sense that all the bad guys (hench men) speak Russian, but the main bad guy doesn't & doesn't even seem to have an accent. I still enjoyed it and laughed thru the whole movie...... but beware, definitely an adult movie.
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By mabrown532
Written November 09, 2014
Predictable movie. Decent jokes. Glad we saw it
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This is a good movie

By QQQ111
Written November 09, 2014
Testing review...
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By idamncare821
Written November 09, 2014
it is a fun movie
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Very funny

By nickphunter
Written November 09, 2014
Went and saw this flick with my wife, we knew that we liked these characters from the TV show "the new girl" but the movie ended up better than expected. Obviously not going to win an oscar but absolutely hilarious and entertaining. Don't trust all those snobby @$$ critics, they try and review this on the merit of winning awards. This is just plain old fun. See it
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