Five Word Review

By empress_me
Written October 12, 2010
wayyyyy better than you think
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great movie i lovied it

By spinellimusic
Written October 12, 2010
I saw it last week and loved it ! I even went out and got the original from 2008 .I wish i had a better way to reach people and get them to go and see it.This might sound crazy but parents should take there kids to see it so what if there is language and bloody violence .What kid has not seen it all ready it has a nice love story and stand up for your self message . I get one chance to go to the movie a week I'd see it again and again but I'm going to see my soul to take Can't wait for it to come on DVD.
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Have no doubts. See this film.

By molto_crescendo
Written October 02, 2010
This is not your typical horror film, though it does have horror elements (e.g. suspense, violence, gore). Really it's a story about the complex loving relationship that develops between two troubled children. The fact that one of them is a vampire just makes things more interesting. I read the book and watched the original film before seeing this adaptation. Even so, I ended up twisting in my seat the whole film. I couldn't find a single dull moment. The whole theater was ewwing and awwing and giggling. This film has its flaws, but it's very emotionally affecting nonetheless. It's thrilling and disturbing, and as real as a film can be. I can't wait to watch it again. - Compared w/ the First Film Adaptation - The original had better acting and cinematography, but I say this one's better than the original because more time is spent on the principle characters and the changes tend to make the story more believable.
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Five Word Review

By Kelcle
Written October 04, 2010
Simply Beautiful. So Very Sad.
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pedophilia isnt fascinating

By nng
Written October 08, 2010
Whoever finds this body of trash, so fascinating and great, must be pretty sick in the head. The premise is is the vampire girl considered an 'outcast', when shes not even a girl but a vampire...who's hiring people to kill for her her entire life. Survival or not those aren't 'children's characteristics.' How is it a love story, if its a vampire finding caretakers, and also fending for a bullied one even really knows the gender of the vampire. A monster/vamp luring a young boy into doing her next dirtywork for her and people are praising this- must be very disturbed and stupid people. There is nothing cool or great about this movie. It is dark and disturbing, but it is horror, though it is definitely not a "love story." It goes to show what society has come to - praising gore and murders even if replicas of children are committing it even moreso- maybe people out there need some serious help. some scenes are also really disturbing too and that isn't cool
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