Much better than expected from reviews

By Legacysft
Written October 12, 2010
This movie was different than I expected. The two kids (main characters) gave really good performances. Movie kept me guessing. I figured out the ending a little before the end but it still was good. Special effects were surprising and I found myself almost rooting against the other kids. If you like a little blood and sci-fi action, you should like this film.
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Very comparable to the original

By Exquisitely Me
Written October 03, 2010
I was skeptical about seeing this movie since in my opinion remakes don't generally live up to the original. This movie was very comparable to the original. A bit more gore, but still it is not your average horror flick.
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Five Word Review

Written October 09, 2010
Clever movie Must see it
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This is crap!!!

By TiaT
Written September 17, 2010
This movie is complete bullshit. All they're doing is REMAKING a foreign film, which I bet they are just hoping no one saw. I don't remember the name so don't ask but I know everything that is going to happen in that movie because I'VE SEEN IT. Hell if people don't believe me I'll go back to blockbuster's an hunt the damn thing down again and email it to who ever wants it. The movie for the most part was a weird crappy kid love story, with SOME killing. THEY EVEN USED THE SAME SET DESIGN!
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let me in

By karen2russel
Written October 05, 2010
Liked the movie but thought I was having dejavous since I did not know that it was a remake until someone told me at the end!
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