A different kind of vampire movie

By Stasiamw
Written October 14, 2010
American horror adaptations have a horrible reputation, even just remakes of old classics. Add some extra nudity, unrealistic amounts of gore, some more foul language, and mess up the whole story line, and you have an American remake. This is where Let Me In is different. The story takes a unique look at vampires. The primary relationship in the film is between 12-year-old Owen and 12-more-or-less Abby, the latter of which is a vampire-like creature. The two share a bond from their outcast statuses in life (Owen is bullied relentlessly and violently at school and Abby...well, she's not human.) On the precipice of adolescent, hormones seem not to have really taken affect and their relationship remains blissfully innocent. When Abby asks Owen if she has to do anything special to be his girlfriend, he says that everything stays the same. It's sweet and innocent, which is refreshing.
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This is crap!!!

By TiaT
Written September 17, 2010
This movie is complete bullshit. All they're doing is REMAKING a foreign film, which I bet they are just hoping no one saw. I don't remember the name so don't ask but I know everything that is going to happen in that movie because I'VE SEEN IT. Hell if people don't believe me I'll go back to blockbuster's an hunt the damn thing down again and email it to who ever wants it. The movie for the most part was a weird crappy kid love story, with SOME killing. THEY EVEN USED THE SAME SET DESIGN!
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Very comparable to the original

By Exquisitely Me
Written October 03, 2010
I was skeptical about seeing this movie since in my opinion remakes don't generally live up to the original. This movie was very comparable to the original. A bit more gore, but still it is not your average horror flick.
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Five Word Review

Written October 09, 2010
Clever movie Must see it
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Have no doubts. See this film.

By molto_crescendo
Written October 02, 2010
This is not your typical horror film, though it does have horror elements (e.g. suspense, violence, gore). Really it's a story about the complex loving relationship that develops between two troubled children. The fact that one of them is a vampire just makes things more interesting. I read the book and watched the original film before seeing this adaptation. Even so, I ended up twisting in my seat the whole film. I couldn't find a single dull moment. The whole theater was ewwing and awwing and giggling. This film has its flaws, but it's very emotionally affecting nonetheless. It's thrilling and disturbing, and as real as a film can be. I can't wait to watch it again. - Compared w/ the First Film Adaptation - The original had better acting and cinematography, but I say this one's better than the original because more time is spent on the principle characters and the changes tend to make the story more believable.
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