awful, dark, gory, too much

By jenn998
Written October 03, 2010
I can't get how people can like this was terrible. First off, the storyline, acting, gore--it was very dark..yes it was a 'real' vampire movie, but just too disgusting and dark to really want to go there..twilight was a disney movie compared to this..a child vampire-attacking and ravaging people with descriptive moments of blood running down her mouth.. the girl hugging the boy, after she killed someone with blood all over her- gross...the twisted 'love' storyline with her and the little boy- who seemed to have no real response or reaction to some extreme things was a little out there..everything about the movie was so dark and gross and pretty disgusting. the violence, gore and attaching it to a child was just too much. This isn't any kind of a light hearted movie in any aspect- it is completely disturbing... if you like that, then check it out but if you want some depth and more of an entertaining movie, this isn't the one to go to....
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Good remake....and in english!

By snowballfromhell
Written October 09, 2010
I enjoyed the remake just as much as the original. I thought they added a nice touch with the effects that were lacking from the original. To the ppl ripping the movie....take it for what its worth....there was no 'pedophilia'....a ginger touch of the cheek from someone who spent a lifetime with someone else -who she didnt HIRE. Imagine spending more than one lifetime stuck in the body of a 12 year old much wisdom and experience but you have to act like a dumb kid to blend in...everyone you ever care for grows old and dies leaving you behind...HAS to be frustrating. I thought it was touching, with the innocence of the relationship between the vampire and the young boy too... Outcasts standing up for each other...while not necessarily a healthy relationship, as an adult you can appreciate the story. A coming of age story meant for the mature crowd with that sci-fi twist. I enjoyed how they got a lot of things very similar to the original too (aesthetically speaking).
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Five Word Review

By jojomizer727
Written September 18, 2010
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Let Me In: Coming of Age Theme + Suspense = Good Remake

By beamerboy
Written October 02, 2010
I was a little skeptical when I heard American filmakers wanted to re-make the 2008 Swedish hit “Let the Right One In”. A beautiful coming of age story with a touch of suspense. I just saw the American version “Let Me In” and was pleasantly surprised the movie stayed true to the original, with a bit more thrill and suspense. The only issue I have is the movie is the promotion. The movie trailers I saw prior to the release gives the impression this is a “horror” movie. This will surely disappointment anyone looking for a lots of scares. Which is why the critics have given the movie good reviews, but the public were expecting something different. If you go into the movie knowing it’s a coming of age movie first, and a suspense thriller second, you won’t be disappointed. The two central young actors did a very good job and were very convincing. B+
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By prer
Written May 31, 2016
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