Let Me In and Let Me Entertain you!! Great for the Scary movie enthusiast!!

By catnmouse
Written October 12, 2010
I thought this movie might be only for a rainy afternoon when there is nothing else to do. I was wrong. I love scary movies and especially those that are well done, well acted, well written, etc.... This was a very interesting story that kept my attention every step of the way. The tense moments are exciting and horrifying at the same time. I liked the "secondary" story in the movie which allowed the viewer to experience a variety of emotions and made the story even fascinating. The central characters are played by great young actors and made the story so believable. I was impressed with their ability to portray such intense emotions which is what made this movie so dramatically entertaining. If you like horror movies but prefer them with substance, great acting and a real story to ponder, this movie is for you. Best enjoyed with hot buttered popcorn, Milk Duds and the fizzy drink of your choice. Due to somewhat gory and graphic violence it would be best not seen by children.
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Stop writing lame comments

By monamatz71
Written September 28, 2010
Way too many ignorant comments regarding this remake of "Let the right one in". The original film is not in English and won numerous awards. This is simply the same movie but done in the USA. Therefore; there is no logical reason this movie should suck like many posters wrote. One poster compares it to twilight....really! Are you that dumb? This movie has nothing to do what so ever with twilight. So watch the movie or do not watch the movie, but please shut the "bleep" up. This movie is going to make a ton of money.
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Five Word Review

Written October 01, 2010
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Let Me In Rocked!!!

Written October 10, 2010
This movie was totally off the hook. I love this movie so much. Its a great love story as well as horror story. And the ending, well I know some people don't want it given away and I can understand that, plus the people who made the movie wouldnt like it, but all I can say is its every bully haters dream come true. Now thats a hint. To find out, you'll have to go see it or get someone to tell you thats seen it. Now to address the people who wrote hateful things about this movie:1st off theres NO pedophilla in this movie, that is a lie. That person needed to pay attention to when Owen finds out whos Abbys so-called father really is, instead of spreading vicious lies. 2nd, this movie is NOT a body of the trash, the person who wrote it is. 3rd, people who like, love and find this movie fascinating are NOT sick in the head, the person who wrote it is. 4th, Abby IS a girl, shes a vampire girl. 5th, Abby's NOT an outcast, the person who wrote it is. Screw all the other haters. GO see it!! A+
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By Far the Best Vampire Movie Ever.

By hpfan007tdk
Written October 15, 2010
Incredibly powerful and an emotionally dramatic and moving film. Matt Reeves' retelling of the original Swedish film, Let the Right One In, left me feeling stunned, and showed that this remake was not just some ploy to ride the success of the original. The film, while making quite a few changes, still told the story of Owen(or Oskar in the original) and his mysterious new neighbor, Abby(previously Eli). Their first encounter is awkward, but as the film progresses you can see that a powerful and beautiful love is taking root between them. Layered over this innocent love story is the violent nature of Abby and her need and hunger for blood. This film is much more violent and gory during these scenes only adding to its dark tone. Brutally violent, chillingly haunting, and yet at the same time a beautiful and slightly disturbing love story, Let Me In has a little bit of everything while at the same time keeping the internal story perfectly continuous and surprisingly real.
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