Let Me In

By Videoman Jay
Written October 12, 2010
A Littlle gory, but I love the kids who play the characters. Sweet and fresh. When it was over, I didn't want it to end. Want to see it again, and really appreciate the whole crux of what is really going on. Not your typical vampire movie, and thats what makes this a must see.
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Written November 13, 2010
This movie was so incredibly boring. The ending was ok and the acting was great. But I kept nodding off. Try 30 Days of Night for good, creepy, gory vampire movie.
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"Let Me In"

By MotherMary99
Written October 06, 2010
I had seen this reviewed on MSN.com and decided to see this film based on their review. Since it is based on a Japanese film, I wanted to see it because most of their "horror" movies I have found to be quite a bit scarier than the U.S. flicks WITHOUT a lot of the blood and gore usually accompanying them. I was also happy to see that Hammer Films is back in business bringing us this movie. (I grew up in the 60's with all of their horror movies!) In spite of the recent onslaught of Vampire/teen movies, "Let Me In" seems to be a more innocent/"tween" take on the subject complete with the trials and tribulations of junior high school, bullying, first love, loneliness from absent parenting and divorce, and lifetime commitments. A lot of "stuff" in 115 minutes! I was pleased by the diminished blood and gore usually associated with these movies. Like sex in the movies, it is possible to get the point across without actually seeing it. I found this to be a very "sweet" movie!
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Five Word Review

By erickglarson
Written October 03, 2010
What Vampire Movies Should Be
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Good movie

By craziplaya21
Written October 08, 2010
Good movie with great acting
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