Adam Marcus, whose previous works include Jason Goes to Hell (1993), directs this heartwarming romantic comedy. The film opens with little James Ellis watching his parents divorce and his mother (Bernadette Peters) hop from one Mr. Wrong to the next. His grandmother warns him that "in this family, the men leave and the women go crazy." Fast-forward 14 years to a gloriously snowy winter day when James (played by screenwriter and brother of the director Kipp Marcus) runs into his neighbor Sarah (Alice Dylan). As best buddies, the two help each other out as he enrolls in a cooking school and she studies at a New York college. Soon, their attraction boils over and they stumble into their first kiss. Confused, Sarah tells James that the kiss was a mistake, though in her heart it felt all too right. Crestfallen, James dutifully agrees. But when he gathers the courage to tell her what he really feels, she has left to study in England. James seeks solace from a series of failed rebound dates by spending evenings at a local club with his fellow walking wounded. Snow Days was screened at the 1999 AFI/L.A. Film Festival. ~ Jonathan Crow, Rovi

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