By myfajahas400children
Written April 15, 2011
I haven't seen a lot of Buddy Cop movies, but so far this is the best one. Mel Gibson and Danny Glover star as two very different cops who become partners. I know it may sound cliched, but it's actually really great. Richard Donner directs, and he does one hell of a job too. Lots of action, you definitely won't get bored during this movie. I usually don't like Mel Gibson, but I actually liked him in this film. Him and Mr. Glover make one of the best movie duos in history. So go ahead, watch it. I guarantee that you WON'T get too old for this ****.
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As good a cop show as they come

By Jeff Borup
Written June 09, 2014
"I'm gettin' too old for this s**t."
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