Simply not up to the original's standards

By Sorokahdeen
Written April 10, 2015
Let Me In simply isn’t up to the standards set by the original Swedish version,“Let the Right One In.” The original movie was made to express a tiny bit of what happened in a very smart, very adult and very dark horror novel. The American version by contrast looks as if it had been made after reading a translation of the Swedish script without actually seeing the movie; or worse, seeing it and not understanding anything about what made it worth watching. There was extra gore, some CG, and the thing was set in the United States, but the movie looks like a necklace of cheap tricks leading to an obtuse conclusion. Let me in is well-photographed and well-acted but that isn’t enough to make a set of bad ideas work. Despite obvious effort, nearly everything that was good about Let the Right One In that could have been good about Let Me In seems to be lost in translation.
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Top knotch,original take....

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written April 10, 2015
...on a combination of being an outcast,coming of age and vampire story. Really excellent work in set design,acting,directing. The film gets gory,albeit sometimes unnecessarily...but it is not a 'horror' story. It is tender at times,yet quietly violent,with huge emotional depth from all 3 leads. A definite keeper if you appreciate the fine acting that comes from the heart through the eyes of those in desperate,hopeless lives....especially in children.The supporting teenage actors were impressive and it goes without saying that a film is always accented well with Richard Jenkins. You feel so much for him. I will see it in theaters at least one more time.
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Not a waste of money!!!

By al_soto
Written April 10, 2015
IGNORE THE SO-SO rating. Idiots caused that to happen. This is a great movie. Okay, we have a young boy and girl (age 12). They seem like loners and rejects. Both live in a humble apartment complex, and go from being isolated kids and weird to hanging out together and having an endearing friendship. His parents are divorcing and she has no family, and they reach out with an innocent and child-like kind of romance. Then the girl's past begins to catch up and the boy is not sure if he can continue being her companion. Her world is of danger and intrigue. There are moments of gore and violence, and yet the kindness and love between these two endures as we go from drama to thriller. It is another vampire movie, but with fascinating twists. There is also another sub-plot of how the boy gets bullied so badly, and this plot has a shocking twist at the end. The movie's end is sort of macabe and happy at the same time.
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Breath of fresh air

By McCupcakeFace
Written April 10, 2015
I went in expecting to jump a few times at a classic, unoriginal vampire movie, but Let Me In was not at all what I expected. It's an emotionally touching movie that flips from calming to nerve wracking in a second. Over all it's highly original and, in my opinion, an excellent movie.
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Good Horror Movie

By Benjamin P
Written April 10, 2015
If you are looking for a good-old-fashion horror movie, this one is worth watching. The scenes go from quiet and calm, to violent and grotesque, to totally dysfunctional. There are some scenes in this movie that burn into your memory because of their intensity. I'm glad I watched this on the big screen. So much better than most horror movies made today.
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