• Released
  • December 25, 2012
  • (LA/NY; 1-week only expanded release in IMAX on 01/18/13!)
  • PG-13 , 2 hr 38 min
  • Music/Performing Arts

This could have been GRAND!

By sunwoman6
Written December 26, 2012
I looked forward to seeing this film for weeks and worked my Christmas day plans around it, having been in love with the stage show for more than a quarter century and seeing that innumerable times. To add to the build-up, I recently watched and re-watched the anniversary special on PBS which was stupendous. And so I was presented with this watered down version of the real thing in which only Hathaway shines. Most of the score had been messed with and lacked the vigor, drama and intensity of the original. Crowe and Jackman are great actors - not powerful singers.- and that was enough to detract greatly from the production. The scenery was quite good, and the fight scenes very realistic, but the roles of the Denardiers were too Vaudevillian and the precious music was slowed down and hushed to a pathetic point. You don't mess with perfection. Adaptations are for ordinary music. All in all, I think if you never had the good fortune to see this on stage, the film will do.
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By cassn14
Written December 27, 2012
It was sooo good!!! I loved it!! it was so much better than I was expecting and I would see it again!! the cast was amazing too and everyone was so good at their part!!
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A Fully Connected Cinematic Experience...Incredible!

By donmago
Written January 03, 2013
Of course the storyline is known to many but the impact of this full-art cinematic experience is something to behold. Had best seats in a great IMAX theater with top notch sound and a full giant bag of popcorn. The sound was truly very, very different from any movie I have ever seen. The closeups deposited emotional connections I wasn't prepared for...I cried better than the actors and I'm a guy! I had to reflect closely to realize this was entirely a musical!! This was such a different piece of big screen art it should be classed apart from every other film ever made. Scrap the 3D, this is the new direction, I hope! On the down side, and there isn't much to say here, the film could have used a bit more introduction (like Star Wars?) and on-going fill-ins of the actual historical timeline in French history but again maybe I am a bit of a Francophile (sp?), having lived in France for several years.
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Not emotionally involving

By B_Spencer
Written October 28, 2016
'Les Miserables' in IMAX simply increases the distance the audience must feel from the emotional impact of this over-blown and over-indulgent movie. I've seen the stage version many times and been moved at each viewing, but the constant barrage of images from the movie does not allow a moment of true feeling. I do not blame the performers, although they do suffer greatly. I blame the director and the producers who allowed the director's vision to out-weigh the music and the story.
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interesting movie rendition of the classic musical

By wonder_chimp
Written January 31, 2013
First off, this is tough because I am a fan of the musical. Don't expect the same experience that you may be accustomed to with the live musical experience. Thats obvious but many people I spoke with were trying to measure it up and you just can't. Musical rules and movie is second banana to the live real deal. The visuals were nice. The opening scene seeing the massive ship being docked was well done. It worked with the integration of the orchestra and singing. Overall its a classic tale that is wonderful to experience even if it's only the movie. Most of the cast worked well. The only thing that would seem not to really fit is when the characters would break into almost cotney like accents and phrases. It made me think of east enders or something like that and did not work well. Russell Crow's singing was really tough at times. I give an A for effort but man some of those notes were hard to swallow at times I had to laugh. Overall should be seen on big screen. worthwhile
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