• Released
  • December 25, 2012
  • (LA/NY; 1-week only expanded release in IMAX on 01/18/13!)
  • PG-13 , 2 hr 38 min
  • Music/Performing Arts

Les Long and Dreary

By nycnation
Written July 08, 2015
Despite some strong performances and gorgeous score, Les Miz suffers from it's bloated length and standstill pacing. It's also hard to get past some of the performances as we never forget that the stars who are playing them are well....stars. If you love musical theater you should see it, so you can say you saw it but be prepared....there's no intermission.
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Haven't shed a tear in a movie in nearly ten years

By angelasc53
Written August 30, 2015
But I cried like a baby as soon as Anne Hathaway started to sing. I managed to stop until the last half an hour when something horrible happens and I sob for the rest of the movie along with the entire audience even the guys and a woman who has seen the movie 5 times. Hugh Jackman I bow down to him, Anne Hathaway, you've grown to be an incredible actress and Russell Crowe, not as bad singing as I thought. It was all amazing; one of the best and I wish you all great success at the Academy Awards because I will be rooting for you especially Hugh. What a wonderful, wonderful movie!
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Les Miserables - Translates perfectly to the big screen!

By RavenWest
Written April 27, 2015
Unbelievable, incredible, true to the source of not only the original Victor Hugo text, but the Broadway (and everywhere ELSE) musical of this and every other century to come! They added a bit, cut a bit, moved a few things around here and there, but nothing anyone but the purest Les Miz fanatics would notice. Plenty of audience applause, plenty of tissues used. Wanted to see it again, but all shows around here are SOLD OUT. On the short negative, Colin sang a much better "Bring Him Home" and just about ALL actors playing Javert sang better than Russell Crow, but that man can certainly ACT. IMAX was amazing, however the freckles on Marius's face were a bit too much up close. Missed seeing the "ghosts" of empty chairs. There won't be a dry eye in the house at the finale!! GO SEE THIS MOVIE! Victor Hugo, wherever you are, thank you!!
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Russell Crowe and Close-ups

By Normando6
Written September 17, 2014
Well, Les Mis was a spectacle, but what were they thinking with Russell Crowe as Javert. He seemed a pale imitation of the looming villian I remember on the stage. And, wasn't that a part for a strong baritone or bass, not a thin, whispy tenor? And, what was it with all those in the face close-ups? Otherwise, the film was a gripping, entertaining experience.
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Fabulous Experience

By hallemd
Written March 06, 2015
Loved, loved, loved this movie. I was impressed by both Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway. They did the play justice. Russell Crowe came up short, but met the minimal requirements. The scenery was amazing and Eddie Redmayne as Marius was fabulous to say the least as well as Amanda Seyfried as Cossette. It was well worth the price and I hope to purchase the DVD for my collection when it is released.
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